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We had a chat with The High Flying, Death Defying Masked Sensation, Lucha DS about his career to date, training with PBW, teaming up with Falcon, Sodalto and Solar in Lucha Scotland and winning the PBW King of Cruiserweights Tournament.

High flying, death defying masked sensation Lucha DS speaks to Suplex Retweet.

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One fourth of Lucha Scotland along with Robbie Solar, Falcon & Soldato Lucha DS is a graduate of the PBW Academy.

Coming from the academy, he has become a fixture on PBW shows and has shown himself to be exciting to watch thanks to his lucha librie style.

Lucha has solidified himself as a fan favourite among PBW regulars, especially the younger members of the audience.

He’s an accomplished performer who as well as PBW regularly appears for numerous promotions across Scotland such as SWA, Respect, Southside wrestling to name a few.

His accomplishments include being the current Caithness Pro Wrestling undisputed champion, winning last year’s PBW King of the Cruisers as well as being a former SWA tag team champion alongside Robbie Solar.

In his first interview for Eat Sleep Suplex Retweet Scott McLeod sits down with him to talk his training at PBW under Kid Fite, why he chooses to wrestle under a mask, how he designs his attire and some funny Lucha Scotland stories.

He also what’s in store for him going forward including what promotions he hasn’t worked for that he’d like to debut for down the line.

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