Lionheart Fear and Loathing Interview

We Spoke to Lionheart ahead of his high stakes match at ICW Fear & Loathing 11 against Jackie Polo, Hear him talk in detail of his rivalry with Polo, and how he’s now at the point of fighting for the World Heavyweight Title with his career on the line

Ahead of his massive SSE Hydro Fear and Loathing world title match with Jackie Polo, Lionheart spoke to Suplex Retweet about his chances.

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When we last spoke to Lionheart earlier in the year, it was hard to imagine just how he year in ICW was set to pan out.

In the most confident mood of his entire career, he was ready to settle the score with Jackie Polo at the Barrowlands Ballroom.

What was to follow wouldn’t have been part of the script in his mind going in. Polo, who entered the match dressed a cowboy now going by the name Just Justice, got one over on his arch rival once more.

Like he had done three years, he got Lionheart down for the one-two-three. The Ayrshire veteran would have to wait a further three months to finally get a win over his enemy at Shug’s. This would surely put the feud to bed with ‘The Hero’ eyeing up the ICW World Title.

He now finds himself challenging for said belt at Fear and Loathing. However, he surely couldn’t have planned that Just Justice would have the title around his waist going into the event.

With the stage set for one final showdown, Lionheart once again spoke to Suplex Retweet about his chances at Fear and Loathing 11.

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