Kurt Angle celebrates on his last WWE run

Kurt Angle

We look over the Career of The Olympic Gold Medallist Kurt Angle looking at his career from ECW, WWE, TNA, touring the UK Indy Scene and finally retiring with WWE.

We look back at the impressive and truly OLYMPIC career of one Kurt Angle.

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He has been described as the best pure athlete in the wrestling industry.

Kurt Angle has accomplished so much over the course of his legendary career, including winning a gold medal in the 100kg Freestyle Wrestling event at the 1996 Summer Olympic Games (with a broken, freaking neck!)

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Following his transition into the world of sports entertainment, Angle was portrayed as an American patriot who prided himself on the 3 I’s: Intensity, Integrity and Intelligence.

His persona often led to many comedic segments on television. But despite the humorous side to his character, Angle was always a dominant force inside the ring, earning him the moniker of the ‘Wrestling Machine’.

To many people, his initial run with the company ended far too soon. A combination of injuries and personal demons led to Angle walking away from the WWE in 2006.

Hall of Fame 2019

Following his departure, he was able to forge a successful career with rival promotion TNA. In his decade there, he was able to help put the company on the map as a serious contender to WWE.

Despite enjoying his time there though, he always considered Vince McMahon’s company to be his home. Upon the expiration of his TNA contract, he would headline the WWE Hall of Fame class of 2017.

He would then embark on one final run as RAW GM and part time wrestler before his recent retirement at Wrestlemania 35.

Ross Mcleod returns to the hosting chair, along with Andy, David, Scott and Kwaku as they discuss Kurt Angle’s 20 year tenure with WWE and TNA as well as the impact the Olympic hero had on the fans.

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