Kings of Catch

Kings of Catch Interview

We had a chat with Lewis and Aspen discussing their array of moves and naming of them, dream opponents they’ve already wrestled and wrestling up and down the country for promotions including ICW, Discovery and WrestleZone.

The Future Champion, Lewis Girvan and Aspen Faith, The Kings of Catch speak to Suplex Retweet.

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After a year long feud in WrestleZone Aspen Faith & Lewis Girven came together as a tag team. Just over a two years later the Kings of Catch have become one of the most popular tag teams working in the UK.

They’ve worked for companies like ICW, Respect Pro and Discovery to name a few. Wowing audiences while drawing comparisons to the Young Bucks. While they’ve not won as many championships as fans would have liked them to it’s a testament to their popularity that they’ve remained fan favourites.

They are accomplished singles competitors especially in Discovery where Lewis reigned as Y Division champion for 666 days & Aspen won the 2017 Hotter than Hell Tournament.

Becoming ICW regulars after joining Stevie Boy and Kay Lee Ray in the Filthy Generation. They quickly showed that they weren’t there just to be Stevie’s lackies.

Recently they’ve grown their following through their YouTube show Kings Road which has allowed their personality to shine.

Kwaku Adjei sits down with them to talk how they came together as a team; naming finishing moves & Dream matches or opponents. This is the interview that gave birth to the deadliest move in wrestling: The Kwaku Driver 89.

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