Billy Gunn wins the King of the Ring 99

King of the Ring 99 Rebook

Hindsight is an amazing thing. Many wrestling fans will looks back on the events of the past and think, they should have done that differently? For the first time, our panel take an in-depth look at a past event and look at how they’d have booked it back at the time. In this first edition, we look at the 1999 King of the Ring, a show which featured Billy Gunn becoming king and a briefcase that wouldn’t stay still.

The King of the Ring 99 had some interesting booking decisions to say the least. Our team attempt to become bookers and try and rebook the event.

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The majority of wrestling fans out there will watch a live event and sit back afterwards and thing: I could have done that better.

At that moment we all become WWE bookers. We imagine what we would have done differently if we had the chance.

Who we’d add to matches if we could, how we’d change aspects of matches and even what parts of an event we would simply remove all together.

As a wrestling media source, us at Suplex Retweet regularly critique past shows in our discussions. Some aspect we praise, others we bash. Therefore, we are the perfect outlet to attempt to try and change the plot so to speak of the events of days gone by.

ESSR’s Rebook series attempts to do just that. In these show, we will look to dissect PPVs bit and bit and analyse just what we’d have done at the time.

Most analysts tend to look at the big four shows in WWE when they look to fantasy book. Whilst we will no doubt delve into these shows in the future, we thought it would be good to try a relatively more obscure PPV.

King of the Ring

The King of the Ring was once a staple of the WWE events calendar. Before Money in the Bank came along, it was considered to best the company’s ‘best of the rest’ Sunday night event.

The pinnacle of the show was the King of the Ring tournament. Contested in a round robin format which often started a few weeks prior to the PPV, the winner would normally go on to receive a massive push towards the main event scene.

However, this wasn’t always the case, as shown in the 1999 edition of the event when Billy Gunn came out victorious. Given the stacked nature of the roster then, this decision – along with a questionable ending to the show – made this the perfect event to kickstart the series.

Steven and his panel put on their creative hats with their King of the Ring 99 Rebook.

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