It’s gotta be a show on The Big Red Machine Kane. We discuss his early career with different gimmicks, WWE run and his recent political career.

Our team take a journey through the 20 year career of the Big Red Machine Kane.

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That’s gotta’ be Kane!!

In the eyes of many people, The Big Red Machine is one of the most iconic characters in wrestling history.

After a rough career before hand, Glenn Jacobs would finally find his feet in 1998 under the guise of Kane. The moment at the closing of Badd Blood: In Your House is on that still lives long in the memory of fans worldwide.

Attacking his storyline brother The Undertaker inside Hell in a Cell, it remains one of the best debuts in the history of the sport.

In the 20 years since, it’s fair to say Kane has had a very storied run in WWE.

Married, divorced and burying his brother alive twice. Setting a couple of people on fire and abducting various co-workers. Electrifying a man testicles, tombstoning a priest and trapping Paul Bearer in a meat locker.

Let’s not forget that unhealthy obsession with Pete Rose!

There has been so many great matches and moments associated with Kane. He redefined the idea of the masked wrestler outwith the Lucha Libre style.

Even without the mask, he was able to reinvent himself, including a weird run as the suit wearing Director of Operations.

With Glenn Jacobs moving away from wrestling into politics as Mayor of Knox County, now is the perfect time to look back at the Red Red Monster’s career.

Scott Mcleod and his panel drill down on the stand out moments of Kane’s career, along with his very early gimmicks and his new political career.

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