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In memory of Lionheart, Adrian McCallum

A short tribute from us here at Eat Sleep Suplex Retweet with our memories of one of Scotland’s greatest, Lionheart Adrian McCallum

Charismatic. Talented. Gifted. Gentleman. Legend. These are just some of the words people use to describe Adrian McCallum, aka Lionheart. His tragic passing has left a gaping hole in hearts of the entire wrestling community.

It is difficult to find many people who had a bad word to say about Lionheart. Many would describe him as one of the absolute good ones of the industry.


He had a mind for the business like no others, and his work with wrestling trainees outlined just how much he cared about the future of the sport.

I had the pleasure of interviewing him on three occasions over the last 18 months. Each time, he was nothing other than an absolute gent and a consummate professional with me. Over that time as well, he has also shown complete professionalism and support to this podcast.

Of those three interviews, the one that stands out was the second. That time, we didn’t talk gimmicks or storylines. We talked the business of the sport.

I was doing a piece on the business side of wrestling for my day job. When speaking to individuals before hand, each one of them recommended I talk to Adrian. His expertise of the in-and-outs of wrestling were refreshing and he showed to me that day why he was such a success in the sport.

In the ring, you will struggle to find anyone better. The neck injury he suffered would have forced many into retirement. So to come back back even better than ever was a testament to Adrian’s drive to be the absolute best.

He knew how to entertain the crowd, be it as a face or heel, through the stories he told in the ring. The closing stages of his match with Jackie Polo at Shug’s last year remains one of my favourite’s as a wrestling fan.

His legacy stretches far beyond Scotland. Tributes have poured in from all across the wrestling world. It just shows the power that wrestling has and just how well liked a man Adrian McCallum was.

On this day, it is imperative that we remember the happier times. As fans, remember the moments and matches he gave us night-in-night-out. For his colleagues, friends and family, think about all the great times you spent over the years.

We may have once called him a fanny, but now and forever, he will always be a hero.


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