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ICW stars with the best wins percentage at Shug’s

Steven Wilson digs into the stats from ICW’s summer weekend event and finds out just who has the best wins percentage over the last six installments.

Shug’s Hoose Party is just days away from its sixth installment. In that time, 61 wrestlers from across the globe have graced the event, sharing numerous wins across that period.

Of these fantastic stars, a few have recorded some impressive stats in terms of how their wins and losses add up. Us at Suplex Retweet delved further into these numbers to get a sense of who could stake their claim to be ‘Mr or Mrs Shug’s’.

In order to make our findings more concrete, we eliminated those who appeared twice or less. This brought the list down over half to 23, and what a list it is.

Top names such as Joe Coffey, Wolfgang and BT Gunn boasted high stats when it came to appearances, but none of them were able to break into the top five in terms of win percentages. Those who scored highest are different in many ways, in terms of where their career has gone and the longevity of their in-ring tenures to date.

5. Kid Fite – Win Percentage – 75%

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Despite having appeared at every Fear and Loathing, the leader of the Fite Network has had great success at Shug’s.

He was in a pivotal role in the first installment as his feud with former partner Liam Thomson hit boiling point. Fite appeared at the offset of the show to confront Thomson, who was refusing to compete in Glasgow, before besting him later in the evening.

Having turned heel in early 2015, his alignment with James R Kennedy helped him towards a victory over Joe Hendry. His winning streak continued two years on when he came out on top against former WWE wrestler Bull James.

Whilst originally not scheduled to be on the card for last year’s event, a last minute change saw him added to the card to face Ravie Davie. Sadly for the PBW coach, his unbeaten run ran out, as he came up just short to Davie, despite the best efforts of Lou King Sharp and Krieger.

3=. Sha Samuels – Win Percentage – 80%

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Despite not being involved in the inaugural event, The East End Butcher has enjoyed a fruitful relationship with the summer spectacular.

It didn’t start off too well for Sha though, as he lost out to Joe Coffey at Shug’s 2. Since then though, the Englishmen has went unbeaten at the show with four wins on the trot. He shocked many when he revealed himself as the third men in Team Dallas in their victory over The Black Label, turning his back on the latter stable in the process.

Samuels would realign with his old friend Noam Dar the following year as they main evented Night 1 of the event’s first weekender against Bram and Joe Coffey. He followed that up by going two-for-two over the weekend by sending Grado packing from ICW.

Last year saw him once again involved in tag action, as some and Jack Jester successfully defended their tag team straps against Bram and Iestyn Rees.

This Saturday will see him take part in his sixth Shug’s multi-man match when The Kinky Party face The Anti Fun Police.

3=. Grado – Win Percentage – 80%

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It’s fitting Grado makes this list given it’s been almost a year since he came home to ICW at Shug’s 5. That night saw the fun loving star get the better of Jackie Polo thanks to a little help from Jeff Jarrett.

The aforementioned defeat to Samuels is the only mark on what is an almost perfect record at the event for the former world champion. He teamed with Samuels the year before to steer Team Dallas to a win, whilst a Rock Bottom onto Skittles was the highlight of his Shug’s 2 win over Bram.

His match with Johnny Moss at the first year’s show is probably best known for his Goldberg variation of his entrance. Never the less, he was still impressive in his win over the now-NXT trainer.

The question now is can he improve his record when he renews festivities with James Storm this weekend?

1=. Lewis Girvan – Win Percentage – 100%

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The youngest of the five on this list, the current ICW tag champion is three for three at Shug’s.

Whilst two of those wins came last year, it is still an impressive feat non-the-less for Girvan at one of ICW’s top events. Last year saw him do battles in both singles and tag action.

Night 1 saw him get the better of The Sam Barbour Experience, before him and partner Aspen Faith put on a classic against The Hunter Brothers.

Lewis’ other victory is one which is a gem in the ICW archive given the names involved. He successfully teamed with Trent Seven and Tyler Bate to defeat Legion in what was Tommy End’s (now Aleister Black) last ICW match.

The Best Young Wrestler will hope to go four and 0 on Sunday in the three team ladder match for the ICW Tag Titles – a match sure to steal the show.

1=. DCT – Win Percentage – 100%

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The other man with a flawless record is one who achieved his greatest win at last year’s Shug’s.

DCT closed out the weekend of Shug’s 5 in stunning fashion, defeating Stevie Boy to become ICW World Champion.

It was an amazing moment that still lives long in the memory of many fans. Before that, the International Sex Hero boasted two other impressive wins.

He achieved revenge that was one year in the making at Shug’s 3, besting Bram inside a steel cage. The following year, he was involved in a tag team encounter, as him and Coach Trip finally got the better of Davie Blaze and The Wee Man.

Whilst currently enjoying his best life Down Under, don’t be surprised if Dee is the mystery man in the World Title match this Sunday.

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