Sarah Grieve previews the card in full for ICW GONZO, a new event aiming to give up-and-coming wrestlers a chance to shine.

Insane Championship Wrestling has been the heart of the Scottish wrestling scene ever since it’s debut back in 2006. After starting out as a venture by founder Mark Dallas, the company have gone from strength to strength in the past 13 years. 

Starting off at Maryhill Community Centre and travelling to the city centre, the promotion has filled venues all over Glasgow. SWG3, O2 ABC, the O2 Academy, the Barrowland Ballroom and even the SSE Hydro have housed an ICW show. Everything is coming up aces for the Glasgow based company.

The company’s latest venture is ICW GONZO. The event is aiming to showcase the Zero G division of the promotion, as well as giving a platform to up and coming talent, who are indeed the future of the sport.

Here, Sarah takes a look at the first GONZO card in full.

ICW Zero G Championship

Liam Thomson (c) vs Leyton Buzzard

match 1024x575 1024x575 - ICW GONZO Preview

The first match announced for GONZO was none other, than the current Zero G champion, Liam Thomson putting his title on the line against a fan favourite and an extremely talented young man in Leyton Buzzard.

Both men are coming off an outstanding weekend at Shug’s Hoose Party. Liam captured the Zero G Championship from Joe Coffey, whilst Leyton pulled off a double header with wins against Joe Hendry and James Storm.

Both men have completely different styles. As a result, it will make this match work as they represent the Zero G division brilliantly. 

Leyton has an arsenal of aerial moves at his disposal, but can also take it to the mat when needed. Liam is a very traditional technical wrestler but isn’t scared to leave the ground when push comes to shove. It’s a very difficult match to call, because in my opinion, both these men deserve to be at the top of the division. So it’s a fantastic title match to kick GONZO off.

Kieran Kelly vs Jordan Devlin

match 4 1024x575 1024x575 - ICW GONZO Preview

It is absolutely no secret that Kieran Kelly is one of the best up and comers in Scotland. But he faces a formidable test in the form of NXT UK star Jordan Devlin.

On paper, this match will be all about the high flying and fast paced moves. Both men have very similar styles in the ring. To a lot of people, this I what the traditional Zero G matches should be about.

Kieran’s fast pace in the match always gives him an advantage. With the Irish Ace being similar on paper, it’ll be interesting to see what strategy Kelly has ahead of this match.

In a similar way to the way OTT Contenders shows are run, Devlin jumped at the chance to be a part of GONZO.

He told us in an exclusive interview: “When ICW management got in contact with me about their version of that [OTT Contenders] and wrestling someone like Kieran, I thought it’ll be a great experience for both him and me, and I’m looking forward to it”

If you enjoy watching fast paced and high flying matches, this is the match for you. I cannot think of two people more suited to face each other in the ring for GONZO’s first ever show!

The Sam Barbour Experience vs Jason Reed

match 2 1024x575 1024x575 - ICW GONZO Preview

These two men are exactly what it means to be the future of the sport. Sam graduated from the first ever intake of GPWA. However, he hasn’t been quite able to fully cement his place in ICW as of yet.

Jason on the other hand, hasn’t appeared at ICW often before but is making waves around Scotland.

Both men are needing a platform to showcase their talents, which makes this match perfect for GONZO.

Sam recently returned to ICW at Shug’s Hoose Party, in a losing effort to Ravie Davie. Despite losing, he came back with a new attitude and style in the ring. From the looks of it, SBX is ready to grab all opportunities with both hands.

Jason however is a wrestler who isn’t afraid to do whatever he can to get what he wants.

SBX and Reed are no strangers to one another in the ring, as they have faced off before. That isn’t stopping them from back and forth attacks on social media. It’ll be exciting when these two finally get to square off one-on-one.

Stevie James vs Lewis Girvan

match 5 1024x575 1024x575 - ICW GONZO Preview

Next up, ahead of their Kings of Insanity match for the ICW tag team championships at Fear & Loathing XII. One half of the Purge, Stevie James is taking on one half of the current ICW tag team champions, Lewis Girvan of the Kings of Catch.

This is a match at GONZO with it’s own storyline going into it. The Purge have cashed in their title opportunity that came from winning the King of Hawners tournament in May, form which the Kings of Insanity match for Fear & Loathing XII was born.

Lewis and Stevie are both in-ring strikers, as well as both being very gifted technical wrestlers. 

It’s a match that has happened before, but that won’t take away from the fact that we know we are guaranteed to get an amazing match out of both men. It also helps create more of a story as we draw closer to that Kings of Insanity match.

Power Forward vs Ian Skinner, Dean Ford & Darren Vice

match 3 1024x575 1024x575 - ICW GONZO Preview

This next contest features three breakouts from the PBW Academy making their debuts in ICW

Dean Ford, Darren Vice and Ian Skinner are out to prove why they shouldn’t be overlooked. They take on three masked men, hand picked by Mark Coffey known as Power Forward.

It is an opportunity that Skinner in particular in relishing. He told us: “Darren, Dean and I have kicked the snot out of each other a fair amount of times since we’ve trained at PBW which means that we know a lot about each other and how we work.

“I hope Power Forward are listening and heeding our warnings, ’cause if they think they can take us lightly – I’ll stomp on their arms like they’re cardboard boxes that need to be flat packed – Clench Your Jaw”

Ford will not shy away from kicking his opponents head off, and that is not an overstatement. The man’s striking ability is second to none and he will inflict pain whenever he sees fit.

Vice also matches his comrade when it comes to hitting hard. From the audience, you can feel how hard he kicks.

Skinner however is hungry for more opportunities. That may also include eating Power Forward for breakfast – you never know with this lad. He possesses an awesome grappling ability that makes this team very well rounded.

They ain’t shy of confidence either, perfectly exemplified as Ford. He said: “Since the match announcement, I keep getting asked if I think I’m ready for ICW. If I’m ready for this big opportunity.

“As I mentioned recently, for me, it’s just another fight. I always take one match at a time, and go in with the same mindset every time. To win. This time I have my brothers by my side. I can trust them with my life and them me.

“Saturday night, Ian, Darren and myself will do what we do best. Run through Power Forward”

Overall, this match is an exciting one. We have six men we don’t know a lot about, and three of them haven’t been seen in ICW before. I’ll be keeping my eyes focused on this match for sure!

Scotty Davis vs Kenny Williams

match 1 1024x575 1024x575 - ICW GONZO Preview

When you think of “breakout talent”, one name that comes to mind is Scotty Davis. At the age of 18, he is the current OTT No Limits Champion, the winner of the 2019 Natural Progression Series, and also one half of the current PROGRESS tag team champions with Jordan Devlin.

Davis is also regularly featured at OTT Contenders shows, where he has faced off with Mark Haskins.

When you think “Zero G” Kenny Williams is a name forever cemented with the division

Kenny wants to continue to remind people that he has hit the big time. That he’s part of NXT UK.

His other goal is to put the up and coming talent in their place, as he believes they are “forever trainees”. I’m sure he has the same plan for Scotty ahead of their match at the Asylum.

Davis has 12 years experience in wrestling, after starting with freestyle wrestling at the age of 6. After making waves in Ireland, he made his way to England. Already there, he’s proved why he is one of the best up and comers in the business right now. ICW is the next stop for him in his match.

It’ll be extremely interesting how this match plays out. Kenny has his “forever trainee” thing going on, but Scotty might be the one to overcome Williams and give him a run for his money.

Kez Evans vs Michael May

match 1 1024x575 1 1024x575 - ICW GONZO Preview

The next match happening is GPWA alumni Kez Evans taking on the debuting Michael May.

Kez is still quite young but he is well known to the ICW fan base after breaking out a number of years ago and grabbing every opportunity that he can in the Glasgow-based promotion.

Michael May on the other hand is just starting to break out in the Irish wrestling scene. Already, has been dubbed by Jordan Devlin as one to keep an eye on in the future.

Both these men identify as hard hitting, technicians inside the ring and putting these to together makes a lot of sense as they do have similar styles.

Already having watched Kez in the ring, it’s easy to get an idea of what tactics he will have going into this match.

May does come into this match with a slight advantage, as he isn’t very well known over in Scotland and will no doubt surprise everybody when he steps in the ring. This is another match I will personally be keeping a close eye on.

ICW Women’s World Championship Number 1 Contender Match

Aivil vs Isla Dawn

match 1024x575 1 1024x575 - ICW GONZO Preview

This is another match at GONZO with a bit of storyline behind it.

These two women will be fighting it out to see who will be taking on ICW Women’s World Champion, Kasey at Fear & Loathing XII.

Isla Dawn is the experienced “white witch of NXT UK” with one hell of a kick on her. 

Aivil on the other hand is the up and comer. In the past year or so, she has really made a name for herself in the ICW women’s division. In that time, she’s also shown tremendous improvement in the ring.

This is an interesting match to have heading into Fear & Loathing. These two women could easily both challenge Kasey for the Women’s title, no question about that. They both have the ability to carry the tightly competitive women’s division if they were to win and become champion down the line.

Looking ahead, you can look at three different possibilities. Isla and Kasey haven’t squared off very often, which would make it a fresh match for Fear & Loathing.

Kasey and Aivil are absolutely in no way strangers to each other in the ring. For some that may come across as stale, repetitive and unoriginal.

You will never know though if that will be the case the next time around as those two women have got a brilliant and natural chemistry together.

The third way you could look at it is a possible triple threat match.

Adding a third person into the mix could easily freshen up a title match and gives Kasey a bit more of a challenge. Definitely big stakes at GONZO.

Ravie Davie vs Stevie Boy


This match was the last addition to the already stacked card for ICW GONZO. 

ICW World Heavyweight Champion and King of Insanity Stevie Boy is taking on the Fresh Prince of Drumoyne Square, the Famous Ravie Davie in a non-title match.

This match is another example of giving a platform to the up and coming talent against people they may have not necessarily faced before.

Davie has shown a lot of promise since graduating from GPWA. This match, even though it is a non-title match, won’t be any different for the Fresh Prince. He will step into the ring and bring the fight like he always does.

Stevie is fresh off a return to the company after a year on the shelf due to injury. He’s back and doesn’t look like he’s not been wrestling for the past 12 months. He’s better than ever and will definitely show Davie why he is the current, and two-time ICW World Heavyweight champion.

We can definitely expect a hard hitting and exciting match from both men this Saturday night.

Preview summary

It’s safe to say, ICW GONZO has got one hell of a stacked card and looks to be a fantastic night of wrestling!

There isn’t one match on this card that I am not looking forward to watching on Saturday! Every single one is going to bring something fresh and new to the table, which is something that can never go amiss.

Tickets for the show, which takes place from ICW’s The Asylum this Saturday, are still available at Ticketmaster . Please note there is no bar at the venue so please bring your own beverages.

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