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ICW Fear & Loathing XII Preview

Sarah Grieve previews the biggest weekend of the Scottish wrestling calendar – ICW Fear & Loathing Xii from Glasgow’s SWG3.

This weekend, Insane Championship Wrestling’s biggest event of the year, Fear & Loathing XII is taking place in Glasgow’s SWG3 with a bit of a twist this year.

Fear & Loathing has become a weekender! With a larger than life card that is stacked from start to finish. It’s two days of wrestling, where there is something for everyone!

Night one sees the debut of IMPACT World Champion, Sami Callihan as he takes on BT Gunn. As well as the third instalment of Good House Keeping between Liam Thomson and Wolfgang for the Zero G championship.

Night two we see the tradition of F&L Insanity matches continue when The Purge take on the Kings of Catch in a Kings Of Insanity match for the ICW tag team titles.

After running Fear & Loathing in the SSE Hydro for the past 3 years, owner Mark Dallas decided to go big by making the twelfth annual event a weekend long event in SWG3.

This year, instead of having VIP meet & greets with talent and then fans waiting around watching an empty ring. ICW are providing pre show entertainment to fans who have Gold or Silver seated tickets, or fans who chose to upgrade their standard seated/standing tickets in the form of two exclusive pre-show matches!

Night One

Early Entry Pre-Show – Andy Wild & More Than Hype vs Mark Coffey & Power Forward

EGl E9JW4AAlFyY - ICW Fear & Loathing XII Preview

Andy Wild is teaming with lovable Irish trio, LJ Cleary, Darren Kearney and Nathan Martin of More Than Hype. They are taking on the team of Mark Coffey and his hand picked “ninjas”, the masked men of Power Forward.

This match is perfect because Andy and Mark have their 2 out of 3 falls match on night 2, so it adds a story to the entire weekend. With Mark’s hand picked trio of masked men always having his back, it makes sense for Andy to activate the power of the Hype and have MTH join him in this battle.

Sami Callihan vs BT Gunn

EFlBsaVWkAEaD 2 - ICW Fear & Loathing XII Preview

Carnage. That’s how I see this match going. Utter carnage. It’s not the first time Callihan and Gunn have faced off in the ring before. In fact, Callihan even admitting nobody has ever chopped him harder than BT.

BT Gunn has sadly been dealing with an injury that has kept him on the shelf for a number of months. However, he is training and fighting to be as fit as he can be for what will be a fierce match.

The IMPACT world champion is more than aware of Gunn’s current injury and will no doubt take advantage of the fact the former ICW Undisputed champion is less than !00% ahead fo their bout this weekend. 

6 Man Tag Match – The Kinky Pinky Party vs The Kings of the North

EH nIjW4AAWMWj - ICW Fear & Loathing XII Preview

This was originally schedued to be a regular tag match. At France 2000, Bonesaw and Corvin attacked the Kinky Party backstage, which eventually spilled out to the ringside area.

After repeated chair shots to Sha, KotN looked to be giving themselves an advantage heading into Fear & Loathing. That was until Sha threw up the pinky bat signal. Noam Dar’s music hit and the ICW alum rushed to the ring, chair in hand to help his friends.

Noam then proceeded for “Dafty Number 1”, and “Dafty Number 2” to grab their pal “Dafty Number 3 from Love Island” and the 6 man tag match of the Kinky Pinky Party vs KotN was born.

This was a good way to have Noam involved in a match on the first night. 

We already know the full trio of the Kings are a force to be reckoned with. It looks to be an eventful match. We all know Noam likes a good wind up.

Scheme Lumberjack Match – Grado vs Ravie Davie

EH0PyfEWsAAHrgN - ICW Fear & Loathing XII Preview

In the past few months, these two men have had a fair few issues between them. Davie has attacked the former ICW world heavyweight champion in the car park after a Fight Club taping.

Since then, Davie has expressed why he’s frustrated with Grado. He went from the ultimate underdog from Stevenson and went on to make something of himself. The Fresh Prince of Drumoyne Square wants to remind Grado what it’s like to come from the scheme. He just wants to make sure the BBC star can’t leave the ringside area.

By doing so, Davie has scouted the “toughest” and “meanest” lads he has ever met to surround the ring and create a Scheme Lumberjack Match.

Tag Team Match – Kay Lee Ray & Viper vs Xia Brookside & Angel Hayze

EH StaSXkAE32SW - ICW Fear & Loathing XII Preview

It’s not Fear & Loathing without Kay Lee Ray and Viper. It feels unnatural when that happens.

This match came about at France 2000 when Angel Hayze scored an upset victory over Viper. Post match, the reigning NXT UK Women’s Champion came out to offer Hayze an even bigger opportunity. A tag team match where KLR and Viper would team up to take on the team of Hayze and NXT UK star Xia Brookside.

Going into this match, there is a clear advantage for Ray and Viper. They know each other better than anybody could ever know them, where as Angel has never been in the ring with Brookside, so it’ll be interesting to see how the two younger talents fair against the newly become best friends.

Alexander Dean vs Aaron Echo

EGNVZBhWwAA1aNl - ICW Fear & Loathing XII Preview

Alexander Dean has made ICW his new home after an incredible debut match against the late Adrian “Lionheart” MacCallum. Dean has went from strength to strength within the company and developed with the self proclaimed King of Benidorm, Aaron Echo after Dean’s original opponent for a past Fight Club taping, Ricky Knight Jr. was injured.

Echo managed to get one over the Catch Provocateur that night. The following Fight Club saw their rematch in which the Dean got the victory.

Heading into their rubber match, the score is 1 apiece so it is everything to play for. 

Dean has openly said he would like to be in the title picture for ICW once again. This could be an opportunity for him to impress ICW Commissioner, Carmel.

Kenny Williams vs Jordan Devlin

EGvy31YXUAA 0z8 - ICW Fear & Loathing XII Preview

After both men were involved in the launch of ICW’s newest venture, GONZO.

They came to blows when Williams attacked Devlin’s protégé and current PROGRESS tag team championship partner, Scotty Davis after their match. 

Williams has had quite the year in 2019. He has regularly made a fool of the younger, up and coming talent, branding them “Forever Trainees” and boasting about his success of being in NXT UK.

Devlin has been making waves in OTT by beating WALTER to reclaim the championship, only to lose it to David Starr at their 5th Year Anniversary. The Irish Ace makes his F&L debut when he looks to battle Williams and put him in his place, proving who is the better NXT UK talent.

Glasgow Street Fight – Kid Fite vs Chief Deputy Dunne

Due to scheduling conflicts beyond his control, Paul Robinson will need to wait to be teabagged by Kid Fite.

We haven’t seen the Anti-Fun Police since Shug’s after their losing effort to the Kinky Party. Chief Deputy Dunne isn’t finished with ICW, as there’s apparently too much FUNNAAHH going on.

We all know Kid Fite loves having a laugh, but also loves putting folk in their place. If he can’t get his hands on Paul Robinson, Dunne will have to do. Regardless, Fito loves a scrap and there is nothing better than a good old Glasgow Street Fight. Expect some madness, and so much FUUNNAAHH!

Zero G Title Match – Liam Thomson (c) vs Wolfgang – Good Housekeeping III 

EFFaW iWwAEE1R5 - ICW Fear & Loathing XII Preview

Main event time! The Zero G championship and “that particular sink” are both up for grabs as these two men look to go to war once again with household weapons.

After the beauty that was the original Good House Keeping, Liam tragically lost his beloved sink. He finally regained sinky after he returned from injury earlier this year and got the best of Wolfgang in Good House Keeping II at the Garage.

The NXT UK star looks to take everything Liam has once again. First his sink, then it was his washing machine, then Wolfy even took Liam’s house after T2: Tramspotting!

Last time we saw Liam being busted open with ketchup and Wolfgang try a tombstone with a very oversized sponge. 

Lord only knows what it going to be involved this time around. I really hope the ICW ring crew have an extra canvas!

Night Two

Early Entry Pre-Show – 10 Man Battle Royal

EHjrn2LX4AAJSz  - ICW Fear & Loathing XII Preview

The match fans get as part of the early entry to night two is a 1 men battle royal. The winner of this battle royal is given a spot in the 2020 Square Go with a chance to win a guaranteed title shot whenever they please.

The battle royal sees Alexander Darwin MacAllan, the Sam Barbour Experience, Jason Reed, Kyle Khaos, Luca De Pazzi, Lucha DS, Levi Justice, Daz Black and XERO all fighting it out for that one spot.

Yes, that is only nine names. A mystery tenth person will be revealed at the start of the match. This is still a great chance for the up and coming talent to show fans who they are and what they bring to the sport.

2 out of 3 falls match – Andy Wild vs Mark Coffey

EFzLL6PWwAAlUnF - ICW Fear & Loathing XII Preview

Both men at each other’s throats since May when Coffey set his masked trio, Power Forward on Wild’s King of Hawners partners Kieran Kelly and Aaron Echo.

The Power Forward was the successful after their one-on-one match at Shug’s, but the feud never settled down between the two powerhouses.

Tensions have been rapidly rising between the two men in the past few months since then and it seems the only way to settle it is in a match perfect for this kind of thing. 2 out of 3 falls, best man wins. Question will be, will Mark have his masked enforcers with him at ringside?

Triple Threat – Leyton Buzzard vs Kieran Kelly vs Noam Dar

EEmdubaW4AATq3D - ICW Fear & Loathing XII Preview

Noam Dar completes his weekend long return to ICW in the form of a triple threat match.

The former Zero G is set to take on two of the most promising talents, and more than likely future Zero G champions themselves in Kieran Kelly and Leyton Buzzard.

Kelly and Buzzard are no strangers to one another, their rivalry stemming back to the Shotgun’s debut in 2018.

Each of these three men have a very similar high flying and fast paced style. It’s Zero G alum vs two future Zero G champions.

If you’re into people flying around the ring and amazed by the acrobatics going on, this is definitely the match for you!

Number 1 Contender Match – The Nine Nine vs The Fite Network

EEgAl75W4AADlDO - ICW Fear & Loathing XII Preview

Whichever team comes away with the tag titles in the Kings of Insanity match, their next opponents will be ready and waiting. 

The team of the Nine Nine (Jack Morris and Dickie Divers) take on the Fite Network (Kreiger and Lou King Sharp) face off to determine who will get a shot at the tag team titles at the Square Go next year. 

Divers is no stranger to tag gold as he was the first ever ICW tag champion alongside William Grange as the STI. With Jack Morris on his side and coming close to gold at Shug’s the Nine Nine have their sights set on tag team gold. The only thing standing in their way is a Blood Tourist who has embraced his insane side and Scudmaster Sexy who enjoys battering a few clowns in each town he travels to.

ICW Women’s World Championship – Kasey (c) vs Aivil

EGxUgtyX4AcGxYd - ICW Fear & Loathing XII Preview

15 months later and these ladies have still not managed to separate themselves from each other.

Kasey and Aivil have gone head to head 8 times in the past 15 months, two of those times have been in 2019 for the Women’s championship.

At France 2000, the Wee Man and Kasey addressed the ICW fanbase ahead of this match, acknowledging that this needs to come to an end.

Commissioner Carmel then made her way to the ring to add a stipulation to the match. If Aivil is not able to beat Kasey for the title, she will not be allowed another chance while the Mother of Chaos is champion. If The Wee Man gets physically involved in the match, which no doubt he will, he will be then stripped of his managerial license and fired from ICW.

Big stakes ahead of this women’s title match. With 4 wins over each other, who will emerge victorious.

Kez Evans vs Ilja Dragunov

EICX5ejW4AAXA4L - ICW Fear & Loathing XII Preview

Kez Evans has made a name for himself since breaking out in ICW. With a win over his mentor BT Gunn, Kez has went from strength to strength within the company. 

After being left off the card for Fear & Loathing XII, Evans demanded Carmel find him a huge opponent, as he feels he deserves that kind of spotlight.

Commissioner Jacobs delivered, NXT UK star Ilja Dragunov makes his return to the company. Dragunov has not been seen in ICW since his Zero G championship match against Joe Coffey at this year’s Square Go.

This is a huge match up for ICW’s resident most dastardly man and will definitely push him to put his money where his mouth is and prove he is the next big thing.

Iestyn Rees vs Scotty Davis

EHLehFQXUAYyYZe - ICW Fear & Loathing XII Preview

After an impressive debut at GONZO, unfortunately losing to Kenny Williams. Scotty Davis makes his ICW return to take on the Quintessential Athlete that is Iestyn Rees. 

This is a first-time ever match up in ICW. It’s fresh and something to keep an eye on as it’s newcomer vs exceptional experience. It is also speed vs strength in this match.

Iestyn has been on a winning streak since making his return to ICW, with a tag team win with Williams over More Than Hype, and more recently over Andy Wild Rees looks to continue his Quintessential winning ways with a win over the PROGRESS Natural Progression winner and current PROGRESS Tag Team Champion.

Kings of Insanity Tag Team Championship Match – Kings of Catch vs The Purge

EHvhpdxWwAEXQL5 - ICW Fear & Loathing XII Preview

It’s not a Fear & Loathing show without an Insanity match. These matches have been a hard hitting, painful to watch, blood bath. Only the same can be expected this year.

Lewis Girvan and Aspen Faith finally overcame the odds earlier in the year to finally become tag team champions.

Stevie James and Krobar of the Purge cashed in their opportunity at the tag team titles that they had won alongside BT Gunn at King of Hawners.

Since then, these two teams have been at each other’s throats and it looks like nothing will stop them from tearing each other apart.

Fear & Loathing X saw Stevie Boy become the King of Insanity.

Fear & Loathing XI saw Kay Lee Ray become the Queen of Insanity.

Will Fear & Loathing XII see the Kings of Catch become the Kings of Insanity?

ICW World Heavyweight Championship – Stevie Boy (c) vs Joe Coffey

EH gvM7XYAE3GYx - ICW Fear & Loathing XII Preview

After a lot of debate, and a failed Square Go cash in from Rudo Lightning, the originally scheduled main event is back on!

Joe was originally removed from the match after attacking Stevie at the Asylum during his match at GONZO and Joe taking the attack a bit too far, injuring Stevie’s surgically repaired knee in the process.

Joe has not been reinstated as a member of the ICW roster, but owner Mark Dallas signed the match after Stevie had demanded it. Saying he wants to be the one to put Joe in his place.

These two men hate each other and to quote. “This match will be absolute war.

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