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ICW Fear & Loathing Quiz

Pens and paper at the ready as we present our Fear & Loathing History Quiz. Let us know your score either on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram via @SuplexRetweet.

Testing the panel’s knowledge of ICW’s biggest show in our Fear & Loathing Quiz

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For our latest quiz we move away from WWE and look closer to home. While some members of the panel have gotten into ICW later than others we all consider ourselves fans of the promotion.

With the 11th instalment of ICW’s biggest show of the year Fear & Loathing taking place in the Hydro for the 3rd year in the row we look to see who the true diehards are with our first ever Fear & Loathing quiz.

As ICW has grown in popularity over the years Fear & Loathing has gotten bigger becoming the biggest show in European wrestling in 2016 in front of 6000 people.

The ESSR Heavyweight Championship is on the line once again as we see who has been taking full advantage of their ICW on demand subscription.

Sarah Grieve is your quiz master this time around as she tests the panels knowledge on all aspects of Fear & Loathing. From venues that have hosted the show to key matches that have taken place & even some lesser remembered moments lets hope the panel came prepared.

If you’re an ICW fan get out your pen and paper and test your knowledge. Can you score higher than our panel?

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