download 9 - ICW Barramania 2018 Preview

ICW Barramania 2018 Preview

Insane Championship Wrestling returns to the historic Barrowland Ballroom for the fourth annual edition of their second major event of the year, Barramania. Our panel look ahead to all the matches on the card

We look ahead of the second big event of the year for Insane Championship Wrestling with our ICW Barramania 2018 preview.

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You don’t need to be a wrestling fan to understand the significance of the Barrowland Ballroom to the city of Glasgow.

For decades now, some of the greatest entertainment acts across the world have graced the iconic venue.

So it was seen as a huge step for ICW when the announcement back in 2014 that their premier event, Fear and Loathing, would be held there.

They further cemented their status as a Glasgow stable by dedicated an annual venue to the Barras the following year.

Barramania is now entering its fourth year. Never a night to disappoint, it has consistently brought the crowd moments that have both shocked and thrilled us.

There was the first show in 2015 when Lionheart and Jackie Polo first went toe-to-toe. To many, this was the ultimate sign that ICW fans don’t follow the status quo, booing the man in Lionheart who’d just returned from a broken neck in favour of the heel Polo.

And then there was last year where the awe of seeing the now WWE team of War Machine in Glasgow being combined with the shocking heel turns of Grado and Joe Coffey.

Barramania always guarantees moments, especially with the hot atmosphere that the Barrowlands creates. And with the Lionheart-Polo rematch and a death match on this year’s card, the 2018 edition of the event could be something special.

The team discusses one of Scotland’s premier wrestling events in our ICW Barramania 2018 preview show.

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