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How WWE could rebook Baron Corbin

Steven Strachan takes some inspiration from the Attitude Era as he looks at a non-waistcoat wearing way in which the WWE can use Baron Corbin.

Right now, Baron Corbin has developed some great heat.

Be it in promos or social media, he’s doing a great job at being a hated figure, much like The Rock and Jericho in the late 90’s.  

The creative staff at WWE really should be doing a better job at amping this up.

He could be one of the great heels much like Ric Flair or Roddy Piper. WWE chose to have Kurt Angle put him over at Wrestlemania, so they must see something in him.

In my opinion, WWE should rebrand him.

They should take away the shirt and waistcoat look as it does nothing for his ring presence and put him into more of a biker look, similar to his NXT days but more finished like DOA or Aces & Eights in TNA.

Faction Warfare

That leads me perfectly into my next point. He should be given his own biker faction!

There is so much great and unused talent in WWE right now. Giving them to Corbin as part of his gang would help them develop.

They could even break away much like Batista in Evolution or The Rock in The Nation of Domination.

There’s several names I think would be amazing for this group. EC3, Bobby Lashley, AOP, Cedric Alexander, Sasha Banks and Ember Moon to name a few.

Each division within the WWE would be represented and it would mean these stars are all used in the right way.

Their styles are very hit and smash so it would make the group feared both individually or as a group.

Back when WWE had factions warring with each other in the 90’s, it led to some amazing moments. Think of Bret Hart(HF) vs Shawn Michaels(DX), Triple H(DX) vs The Rock(NOD), The Brood vs The Hardys, D’Lo Brown(NOD) vs X-pac(DX) and Hollywood Hogan(NWO) vs Sting(Wolfpac).

With The Club now back together as the OC, this could be a great opportunity for factions to rise again and give us some great rivalries.

Plus, it could lead to Baron Corbin getting the merit he probably deserves.

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