History of TLC

The panel look back at the history of one of wrestling’s most iconic matches – the TLC match – discussing its concept as well as their favourite matches.

Our panel take a look at one of wrestling’s most iconic bouts: the TLC match.

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It is one of wrestling’s most violent match-ups.

The TLC match’s legacy in the sport dates back to the Attitude Era in the early noughties.

At the time, we were bearing witness to one of the greatest tag team feuds ever.

Week in, week out, The Dudley Boys, Edge & Christian and The Hardys would rage war on each other. More often than not, this involved battering one another some sort form of object.

For The Dudleys, their weapon of choice was a table. E&C were more favourable of chairs whilst The Hardys enjoyed a good jump off a ladder.

As a result, it seemed only natural that the best way to settle this three-way rivalry was put to them in an environment where all this objects were in play.

From there, at Summerslam 2000, the TLC (Tables, Ladders and Chairs) match was born.

Since that night in North Carolina, the match has became iconic in wrestling. Not just in WWE, but in promotions all across the globe.

It helps give a big match feel to bouts and is the perfect feud-ender. It’s near double decade history has seen many a memorable moment whilst changing the careers of those athletes involved in them.

Nearly 19 years to the date of its debut, Steven and his team take a look at the history of the Tables, Ladders and Chairs match. They discuss its origin, its transition into a themed pay-per-view, as well as their favourite ever TLC matches.

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