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History of the King of the Ring Tournament

Our team look back at the history of the King of the Ring tournament, discussing the impact they believed it had along with their favourite winners.

Our team look back at the past winners of the historic King of the Ring tournament.

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It is an event that has been regarded as one of the most prestigious in WWE history. The team look back at some of our favourite moments, matches and winners from the King of the Ring tournament.

When you think of accolades in the WWE, the title of ‘King of the Ring’ could be considered one of the biggest a superstar can achieve. It has acted as a chance for superstars to ascend to the main event scene, often resulting in championship matches down the line. The tournament has been televised since 1993 and, at one point, was one of the key PPV events on the WWE calendar.

The ’King’ gimmick itself is one that has been frequently used over the years and across multiple promotions. In the case of the tournament it can help to signify a change in character for a superstar into that of an arrogant and regal ruler. Whilst this change has worked with some superstars such as Harley Race, Randy Savage and Booker T, it hasn’t had the same effect with others, such as Billy Gunn and Brock Lesnar.

Since 2006, tournaments have featured only eight contestants. They have also often being secluded to one taping, leading to the event losing a lot of prestige. Particularly if there is no definitive purpose or future long term booking for the winner.

Speculation always seems to continue as to if a Queen of the Ring tournament could happen in the future. It makes us wonder if the King of the Ring tournament will make a return as well. It raises a lot of talking points and debate for what could happen.

In this show, David and the team discuss the history and subsequent fall of the King of the Ring. What made the event so prestigious and how did it elevate so many names to greater heights in the business?

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