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History of ICW tag team division

We look back at the inception of the tag team division in ICW discussing how it;s progressed over the years, our favourites teams, moments and what we’d like to see in the future.

Our team analyse some of the tag teams that have came through ICW in the past 13 years.

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Many would say tag team wrestling is going through a renaissance. 

Whilst WWE may not give it a platform, the early days of AEW have shown how entertaining the two on two format can be.

Here in Scotland, there has always been a rich history of tag wrestling. As the scene in the UK developed, so did the quality of bouts the teams put in.

Some of the best action took place in ICW. From the early days, the company have put tag team wrestling in a prominent position.

From the tournament crowning the inaugural champs, to the world class feud between the NAK, Bucky Boys and Sumerian Death Squad, ICW evaluated duo bouts to main event level.

As the years went on, the division continued to develop. Now, they house a talented group of pairs that could go right to the very top.

Here, Steven Wilson and his panel look back at the history of the ICW tag team division. They look at some of their favourites, the historic matchups and what the future holds.

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