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The Higher Power Angle

We assembled the Corporate Ministry of Dafties to discuss The Higher Power storyline in WWF and what we would’ve changed to make a better outcome from it all

In the latest in our Rebook series, the team looks back at the Higher Power angle and what we would do differently if we were running creative.

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We often site storytelling as one of the key aspects of wrestling.

It is the part of the sport that separates it from any other combat sport. Getting you emotionally invested in what is taking place in the ring and giving you a rematch to tune in on a weekly basis.

The best wrestlers aren’t just the ones who put on in the best matches. It is those who combine that with the ability to tell a story week in-week out.

However, it isn’t always down to the athletes themselves. In WWE in particular, a big focus is on the creative teams to create interesting angles that the in-ring stars can execute.

Throughout history, we can look back at many great moments fondly as part of the reason why we love wrestling. But there is also many angles that leave us wondering what could have been.

One of these took place at the peak of the Attitude Era in 1999. The storyline involving The Undertaker, the Ministry of Darkness and the Higher Power they answered to had the potential to change the landscape of sports entertainment.

Instead, the angle’s big climax and reveal has now been confined to that of GIF and meme status. It is something which fans still look back on and attempt to piece together to figure out what the purpose of it was.

It has its place in history, but mostly for the wrong reasons. But in this latest podcast, we attempt to correct those wrongs.

Steven and his panel look back on the Ministry/Higher Power angle and attempt to correct the wrong doings with a bit of hindsight and fantasy booking in the latest of our Rebook series of shows.

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