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Greatest wrestling heel turns

Hankies at the ready, we talk about some of our favourite and most hurtful betrayals and heel turns in wrestling

If there is one thing this podcast knows a lot about, it’s betrayal. So here, we look back at some of our favourite heel turns of all time.

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Every great hero needs a great villain to battle because, without evil, there can not be good.

Without Eobard Thawne, there is no Flash. Without the Joker, there is no Batman.

Professional wrestling is no different. In professional wrestling, a heel is a wrestler who portrays a villain or a “bad guy” and acts as an antagonist to the faces, who are the heroic protagonist or “good guy” characters.

Not everything a heel wrestler does must be villainous: heels need only to be booed or jeered by the audience to be effective characters.

Heels are often portrayed as behaving in an immoral manner by breaking rules or otherwise taking advantage of their opponents outside the bounds of the standards of the match.

Others can exhibit unlikeable, appalling, offensive and demoralising personality traits such as arrogance, cowardice or contempt for the audience.

Whether it’s Triple H, Ric Flair, Alexa Bliss or even Vince McMahon himself. The wrestling industry is loaded with some of the most dastardly villains of all time. With every bad guy comes an origin story. A reason why they went from “babyface” to “heel”.

Knowing all about heel turns in wrestling, and being subject to one or two heartbreaks herself, Sarah and her panel relive their most heartbreaking moments in wrestling when a heel turn or a betrayal happened.

The team breakdown their top 10 heel turns based on shock factor when it happened, as well as how well the storylines were executed.

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