Roddy Piper was one of the greatest of all time to have never reached the mountain top by winning the WWE World Title

Greatest Wrestlers Who Never Reached The Mountain Top

From Roddy Piper to Goldust, we discuss some of the greatest wrestlers who’ve never won a World Title in WWE and some of the current superstars who’ve had a stellar career but not won it as yet.

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It is a common phrase uttered by wrestling commentators when a wrestler wins a world title: they’ve reached the top of the mountain.

It is easy to compare the two in the way. Like with most sports career, wrestlers need to start at the bottom. They need to train and work hard in order to scratch and claw their way up the card.

Eventually they will get chances at reaching the submit of their respective promotion. Whilst they might not be successful first time, the best of the best will reach the top of the mountain so to speak when they win their first world championship.

Whilst most greats of the wrestling business can list a WWE title run under their list of accomplishments, this isn’t always the case.

One of the icons of wrestling’s rise -Roddy Piper – has just the one singles run as Intercontinental Champion on his CV. Even one of the finest characters to ever grace a ring in Jake Roberts has never even held gold.

There were many who we consider icons of the sport who can never say they were the top dog at one point in WWE.

The Big Dog Allan McLucas makes his hosting debut to discuss the superstars who didn’t make it the Mountain Top and achieve the World Heavyweight Championship.

Allan and his panelists discuss superstars of the past and present in this hot topic. Will you be surprised how didn’t make the Mountain Top?

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