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Greatest WrestleMania Main Event Matches

Last year, we discussed our favourite Mania opening matches, this time we discuss our favourite final matches to close out the Grandest Stage of Them All.

Our team follow up our opener show from last year by debating our top main event matches from Mania.

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WrestleMania, the showcase of the immortals, has etched itself into wrestling history as being the most must see show of the wrestling calendar.

More often than not at every WrestleMania there is a main story, a focal point that will build up to ultimately the main event of the show.

So many factors can lead into what a great WrestleMania main event turns out to be: is it the technical prowess of the wrestlers involved? Or is the story that the fans have invested in since the Royal Rumble reaching its final point?

Host Jack and his panel throughout the show look at what makes a great Wrestlemania main event and also state their case for what they believe to be the greatest Wrestlemania event of all time.

Will it be the infamous showdown that took place between The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin, or maybe even the heist of the century at Wrestlemania 31? With so much more main events covered, it is anyone’s game for which Wrestlemania main event comes out on top.

We are definitely sure that the panel will have some laughter and shenanigans along the way!

Jack also reveals the results of the twitter poll that took place over at @supleretweet where listeners of the show have been voting in their many to come to a definitive conclusion on what is the greatest Wrestlemania main event of all time? Will the panel agree? Listen now and find out!

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