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Greatest Royal Rumble Preview

We brought together the best panel to discuss those times that you see a wrestler, WWE and beyond appear in a film or a TV show, how it may have affected their career in a positive or a negative way and also fantasy cast some of our favourite films.

Our team look ahead to WWE’s first foray to Saudi Arabia with our Greatest Royal Rumble Preview.

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WWE’s recent deal with the Saudi sport authority to host a number of shows over the next 10 years in Saudi Arabia for $45 million caused a lot of controversy.

Most notably for the country’s laws preventing Women from taking part despite WWE being in the middle of an ear of championing it’s female competitors.

We turn our attention to the first show in this deal titled: The Greatest Royal Rumble.

It’s easy to write the show off as an expensive house show. This is due to the gimmicky 50 man Rumble and appearances from part timers Undertaker, John Cena and Triple H. The card also features 7 championship matches including a WrestleMania 34 rematch between Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar for the universal title in a steel cage.

Other matches include new intercontinental champion Seth Rollins defending in a ladder match against Finn Balor, the Miz and Samoa Joe.

Newly formed team of Bray Wyatt and Woken Matt Hardy take on the Bar for the vacant RAW tag titles.

First time host Ross McLeod assembles a panel to discuss the controversy surrounding the event and whether it’s a real event or glorified house show. They look at the card and discuss if this show affected the Mania booking specifically Reigns vs Lesnar before giving their predictions    

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