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Greatest Eras of Wrestling in WWE

We look back at some of our favourite eras in WWE from The Classic right up to The Network era.

We look back at the different eras WWE has went through over the past 40 years.

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In many walks of the life, the generation you come through can dictate what you enjoy on any particular thing.

Wrestling is no different, especially when it comes to WWE.

Over the last 40 years, the company has had to continually reinvent itself. In doing so, each transition is reflecting in a changing of eras.

It all kicked off proper in the 80s as the rise of Hulkamania saw WWE go through their Golden Era, getting themselves in the mainstream eye.

Following the steroid trial in the early 90s, WWE transitioned to using more athletic competitors. This move from the big muscular style of wrestlers moved the promotion into the New Generation Era.

As The Monday Night Wars hit a boiling point, a much more edgier product was needed. This resulted in the birth of the popular Attitude Era.

Once WCW was defeated, WWE were left with a scenario where they had no competition. As a result, they had to create competition with themselves in the form of the brand roster split, in turn ushering in The Ruthless Aggression Era.

Arguably the most hated era by fans started in 2008 where WWE moved to a PG product spearheaded by John Cena.

With the creation of the WWE Network, this soon became the Reality Era before transitioning into the ‘New’ Era we are in today.

With each of these eras, there are wrestlers synonymous with that time. In this podcast, Derek and his panel break down each era and discuss which they believe to be the best.

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