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Greatest Entrances

We talk about what aspects make a great wrestling entrance from music, ring walk and special effects.

We look back at the wrestlers who have amazed us with their ability to produce the sport’s greatest entrances

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We as fans talk a lot about in ring work and story telling that we forget that at the end of the day wrestling is a show. In any show you need plenty of pomp and circumstance and nowhere is that more evident than with entrances.

A wrestler’s entrance and their theme helps to distinguish them from everyone else on the roster. Pairing the right wrestler with the right entrance can instantly make them memorable in the minds of fans. When you hear the glass shatter you know its Stone Cold. You know the undertaker is about to come out when you hear that gong.

One of the things people look forward to about WrestleMania is specialised entrances. Wrestlers pull out special gear from the occasion and it’s one of the only nights WWE goes all out with the pyro.

Join host and avid lover of pyro Kwaku Adjei and the panel featuring special guest panellist the man behind many of ICW’s themes David Grimason.

The panel give their favourite entrances, greatest entrances themes and discuss what factors make them so memorable. David also gives some insight behind some of the themes he’s produced and making sure it’s the right theme for a particular wrestler.

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