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G1 Supercard Preview

We continue our WrestleMania Week however, we step away from WWE and discuss the G1 Supercard featuring the very best of NJPW and ROH

One of all you non-WWE fans as we preview the G1 Supercard.

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Wrestlemania isn’t the only major show in town this weekend. There’s also an independent scene thriving and ready to rock Mania week.

The scene has seen two companies forge a relationship over the last number of years. Based in different continents, they’ve combined their rosters and strengths together to develop a working partnership that has in a way both benefited and hindered them in a one way or another at points.

One of these in Ring of Honor. Known for creating great technical wrestlers in the past, they’ve been seen as the America’s third company outside of WWE and TNA over the past decade.

The other is New Japan Pro Wrestling, who have always been amazing. However, they have thrived in the Western Hemisphere in recent years due to the commercial success of the Bullet Club and The Elite in particular.

This success in the States really hit home last year where both promotions announced they were putting on a joint show in Madison Square Garden – the long time ‘home’ of the WWE.

The show sold out in relatively quick fashion not long after tickets went on sale. Given the fact that no matches had been confirmed and this was still a month before the successful ALL IN show took place, this was quite the show of intent.

The fact that WWE decided to move their NXT Takeover show from the Saturday to the Friday showed that even they knew eyes would be on this mega event.

On top of all the independent shows going on in New York, we look at the ROH & NJPW supershow. the G1 Supercard.

Our panel breakdown the card, as well as discussing the significance of a non WWE show being held in MSG.

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