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From ICW to WWE

We run down some of our favourite wrestlers to go from ICW to WWE, Discussing their runs in both companies and the future.

Our team take a look at some of the wrestlers who have made the jump from ICW to WWE

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It is widely known that Scotland’s ICW has a working relationship with the WWE.

We have seen it in the flesh when Finn Balor appeared in Glasgow for the company at Fear and Loathing 10. The likes of British Strong Style wrestled for the promotion and Pete Dunne made his first non-WWE UK Title defence in front of an ICW crowd.

However, it was the night in Cardiff when Triple H came out and addressed the audience at one of the company’s events that really cemented the link between the two brands.

The beauty of this is that it has created a more accessible route for stars in Scotland to get a shot at the big stage. For many years – even decades – only a select few from the UK nations would receive an opportunity to compete in the WWE.

But with the independent circuit over here hotter than ever, the big promotions are taking notice. As result, folk such as Drew McIntyre and Nikki Cross have been given the platform to show how good they are.

Add in the more recent addition of NXT UK to the WWE brand, it has meant so many more of the wrestlers we all love seeing in ICW getting the chance to showcase their talent under the WWE banner.

So here, Derek Kernahan and the panel take a look at some of their favourites who have made the move from ICW to WWE. They also discuss who could break through in the future and the general relationship the two promotions have.

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