Andy Wild - Four reasons Andy Wild could win the ICW Square Go

Four reasons Andy Wild could win the ICW Square Go

Scott looks at why Andy Wild could be he favourite to win the 2020 Square Go

Andy Wild is probably one of the most popular wrestlers not just in ICW but in Scotland at the moment.

Having looked to have put wrestling is his rear view mirror, The Dad Bod God has stormed back over the last couple of years.

Such was Wild’s popularity that he went into last year’s Square Go as one of the Dark horses. Fast forward, 12 months and many have pegged him as the favourite to win the whole thing this time around.

Why is that the case? Here are four reasons we think the Stovie Superman is winning the Square Go.

New Face in the Main Event

ICW is in a position where it needs to build some more main eventers for the years to come. People who can fill the gap between the guys being signed to NXT UK and the younger guys aren’t quite at that level yet.

Andy Wild is not someone who ICW fans would usually associate with the main event scene. In his initial run he was a fixture of the Zero G division facing the likes of Noam Dar and Liam Thompson. He could’ve gone up to the main event scene had he not had to take that time away.

Wild having the Square Go briefcase puts a someone new in the main event scene.

Loyal Champion

As hard to believe that NXT UK has never considered Andy Wild. Despite seemingly being Micheal Cole’s favourite Zero G champion he hasn’t been called join most of his fellow ICW Alum.

It sucks because he would be a perfect addition to the roster. However it does mean that can afford to always been around. If Wild wins the Square Go he’ll be around to build towards an the eventual cash in.

Should he cash in successfully he will be a champion who will be at every show to defend the title. With the likes of the Coffey’s and Wolfgang not being able to make shows due to WWE commitments Wild’s loyalty will be appreciated all the more by the ICW faithful.

Fan Favourite

It’s rare that we get a face winner of the Square Go. The opportunity to cash in while the champion is vulnerable is just suited to getting heat on a heel.

Since he came back to ICW Wild has been a fan favourite especially since he cut that promo on Dallas last year. Since then he’s maintained that popularity as the every man the fans can easily get behind.

When Mark Coffey talked about how Wild should be higher up the card the crowd’s reaction was very telling. Their reaction showed the crowd felt the exact same way

Strike while the Iron’s Hot

We’ve seen it before in wrestling when there is someone the fans are behind but the company doesn’t get behind them for whatever reason.

It was too soon last year for Wild. However, he took the momentum he built early last year and ran with it over 2019.

Now, fans are crying out for him to get a shot at the top prize. He has all the tools to get the job done.

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