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Four moments from ICW Shug’s you may have forgotten

Steven Wilson looks back at some of the moments from wrestling’s biggest house party that may have slipped our minds in the grand scheme of things.

When ICW fans think of Shug’s Hoose Party, there are so many memorable moments that spring to mind.

Who can forget when Drew Galloway stormed back onto the indies at Shug’s 1? Or even the following year when the Black Label was formed or just last year when Lionheart finally defeated his bitter foe Jackie Polo.

But there are so many things that have occurred at the event that have simply slipped our minds. Moments that stood out at the time, but have simply became lost in the shuffle of what happened elsewhere on the show. Moments that instantly come back to us in full the minute we re-watch a past Shug’s.

So here are four Shug’s moments that you may have forgotten about.

The advocate for Coffey

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With so much happening on the inaugural Shug’s, it’s easy to forgot something which personified the talent of Jackie Polo.

Many remember Polo’s primary contribution that night – his This is Your Life segment with Lionheart and the cast of Still Game. However, earlier in the evening, he made his presence known in a slightly different way.

At the time, he was serving more as the manager of Mark Coffey than his tag partner. As the then Zero-G Championship stood in the ring, he was greeted by PAUL HEYMAN. No, not the real Heyman, just Jackie dressed as the advocate of Extreme. He would then go on to introduce CM PUNK. Again, not the genuine deal, just a done-up Chris Toal.

‘I’m in love with someone else’

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Before he was the Sink swinging man we know today, Liam Thomson portrayed a pretty vile human-being.

2016 had seen him face off with his now-wife Carmel Jacobs in a brutal street fight, which Thomson came out second best from. In the aftermath of that encounter, he attached himself to newcomer Debbie Sharpe. By the time Shug’s 3 came about, the Bad Boy attempted to make their partnership more official.

However, Thomson was in for a shock, as Sharpe told him she loved someone else – Sammi Jayne. It was a shock moment that seemed to come right out of left field. Especially with Jayne not reciprocating Sharpe’s advances.

None the less, it led to the return of Christopher Saynt in the same segment, and the feud between him and Thomson that would eventually help give us Good Housekeeping.

The referee goes rogue

ICW broke the internet in early 2017 with a moment that happened at a Glasgow taping.

During a six man tag match on 19th March 2017, referee Thomas Kearins dropped Dickie Divers with a DDT. The video of this incident went viral, hitting over a million views and making it on UNILAD and LADBIBLE. The popularity of the move ended up leading to a bout between the pair, despite Kearins not being a trained wrestler.

Taking place at Shug’s 4 Night 1, the bout ended up being a pretty short affair.

It is perhaps best remembered by some for the referee’s entrance to the ring not going quite to plan. Perched on the top rope, Kearins launched himself at his opponent. Unfortunately, the referee lost his footing, and ended up face down in the middle of the ring, much to the amusement of Divers and commentator Billy Kirkwood.

The General arrives

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A colossus moment in itself that was definitely lost in a major weekend of action. Night 1 of Shug’s 5 saw WALTER make his debut in ICW.

Facing off against BT Gunn, the pair engaged in a brutal, hard hitting encounter. Chops-a-plenty were dished out by both men before Gunn scored a surprise win over The Ring General.

Given the success the Austrian has gone on to achieve in the year since, it is a bit of a surprise that this match isn’t spoken of often.  But when you think of the moments that went down last year- Grado, Jarrett and DCT to name a few – it probably would have needed to be something major to stick out in the minds of the fans.

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