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Five of WWE’s most under used male stars

Ross McLeod picks out five members of WWE’s main roster that he believes are being under used within the company at this time

WWE seems to be the focus of a lot of fan frustration these days.

One of the most valid reasons for this is the use of attitude era regulars such as Undertaker, Goldberg, and Shane McMahon resulting in modern day talent being lost in the shuffle.

There are men, woman, and tag teams all severely under used by a company rapidly in need of a structural juxtaposition both on and off screen.

In this article I am going to focus on the top 5 under used male talents in WWE today.

5. Cesaro

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Cesaro could easily be at number one on this list as fans are tired of yelling about just how good this man is.

The fact that the Swiss Cyborg is not at least a multi time Intercontinental champion is a travesty as those who have seen his pre-WWE work can attest to.

Broken up from his Bar team mate Sheamus in the superstar shake up this past April, Cesaro has had little success on Monday night Raw since then. It is early days in his Raw tenure, but history is not on the side of anyone hopeful of a Cesaro singles push.

4. The Miz

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The most must see WWE Champion in history. The Miz is someone that is severely under appreciated by a company he is willing to do everything for.

Miz has lost twice to the over powered Shane McMahon this year in a feud that did nothing but turn his dad into a meme!

Now instead of losing to Shane on PPV, the former eight-time intercontinental champion is relegated to Miz TV. He is being beat up by Shane’s associates Drew McIntyre and Elias on Raw and Smackdown. Not exactly must see now is it?

3. EC3

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Marketable good looks, superhero physique, charisma, comedic timing, and a championship pedigree that fans will buy into.

EC3 has all that.

Yet somehow, he was first eliminated in both this year’s Andre The Giant memorial battle royal and the 50-man battle royal at Super Show Down.

Being punished for not getting the desired fan reaction against an outgoing Dean Ambrose, the now clearly depressed former TNA world champion can be seen chasing R- Truth though the halls of arenas for the 24/7 title. Hardly top 1% booking.

2. Rusev

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The chant for over 18 months in every area, in every segment has faded away in recent weeks. Rusev managed to get a silly segment on Smackdown where he was given a day in his honor in his native Bulgaria, into a bestselling t shirt for the company.

However indecisive booking has failed him since. Now thrown together tag teams with Shinsuke Nakamura, he’s been under used for months on end, seeing his stock plummet.

In an era where WWE want popular and marketable stars, they seem to have a knack for ignoring what’s in front of them in the Bulgarian Brute!

1. Shinsuke Nakamura

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I nearly left this man off the list for one reason, I forgot he existed!

Has there ever been an instance where a man has fell so far one year after winning the Royal Rumble? A man who was a headliner at WrestleMania 34. Now, he is in an odd couple tag team and used as fodder in the Smackdown tag division.

2 United States title runs and a heel run that involves punching people in the nuts. These have done nothing for the former IWGP heavyweight champion. Many feel it’s only a matter of time before Shinsuke asks for his release. Based on his booking, can you blame him?

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