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Five of WWE’s most under used female stars

Ross Mcleod continues our under-utilisation series of articles by taking a look at some of the WWE’s most under used female stars.

While WWE has undeniably treated its women’s stars better since the give Divas a chance hashtag started trending in 2013. However, there are still problems in the women’s division.

Left off Saudi shows, a tag division that’s nonexistent, and no secondary title leaves many not in the title picture left under-utilised.

Here are five such examples of under used female stars in WWE.

5. The IIconics

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Where are they? After a WrestleMania moment that was much deserved, the dynamic Aussie duo have been relegated to skits, squashes, and segments on YouTube. Two pay-per-views have passed with the duo not defending the titles. Not at either Money In The Bank or Stomping Grounds. While a heel refusing to defend their title is nothing new, the Down-Under dynamos can’t even get on TV to refuse!

You should never have champions on an ‘under used female stars’ list. However, the WWE creative team have made us think just that with the IIconics.

4. Mickie James

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Based off one match at the November 2016 NXT Takeover, this sure-fire Hall of Famer made her return to WWE. However, since La Luchadora was unmasked in December 2016, there’s not been much for the former obsessed fan to lose her mind about. Lacky positions and battle royal fodder have just been two of the roles to fill her CV since her return. 

Tad ironic seen as WWE make a habit of raising the dead for Saudi shows, but a woman a mere 18 months older than Daniel Bryan, and the same age as John Cena is considered fair game for adult diapers and Zimmer frames.

3. Ember Moon

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Ember Sparks were flying on the Raw after WrestleMania 34 as the Shemon debuted to much acclaim.

While injury worries have hampered her since, the former NXT women’s champion hasn’t exactly been helped by the creative team. A recent change of scenery to Smackdown Live could be the catalyst she needs to eclipse that bad booking that is hampering her main roster run.

2. Nikki Cross

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Please WWE, let Nikki play. Recently the former best in the galaxy has been relegated to Alexa Bliss best friend. It is a watered down version of the twisted sister we knew in NXT. Nikki is no more than a dewy-eyed simpleton, almost like Cady Heron being led by Regina George in Mean Girls.

If the twisted sister isn’t for the main roster, then there could be an alternative. Given Vince’s love for strait laced authority figures, he may want to check out the work of Nicola Storm. The dead pan delivery and an almost right to censor style gimmick that could replace the now much reviled Constable Corbin role.

1. Asuka

asuka 1024x576 - Five of WWE's most under used female stars

When many fans think under used female stars, Asuka is a name that frequently comes up.

For 510 days as NXT champion, no one was ready for Asuka. For 914 days undefeated, no one was ready for Asuka. 29 women stepped up in the Royal Rumble, still no one was ready for Asuka. Then Charlotte Flair was ready and that was that. The magic when as gone, and as so often happens with superstars after their first loss, the decline was painful to watch. 

A Smackdown women’s title run at the end of 2018 got some credibility back for the Empress of tomorrow. If WWE ever brings the IIconics back to TV to defend the women’s tag titles, Asuka and her new partner, Kairi Sane should be first in line for a title shot.

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