fierce females exorcise your rite preview

Fierce Females: Exorcise Your Rite Preview

Sarah Grieve previews the upcoming event from Fierce Females, Glasgow and Scotland’s only all-female wrestling organisation.

Fierce Females is Scotland’s only all-female wrestling promotion. Founded in 2012 by Mikey Whiplash, it has developed vastly, adding a wrestling academy led by veteran Sammii-Jayne and running regular shows at The Shed in Glasgow’s Southside.

Eat Sleep Suplex Retweet panelist Sarah Grieve regularly attends Fierce Females shows, resulting in the promotion becoming a highlight of the podcast’s trilogy of All Women’s Shows. Here, she takes a look at the matches for Fierce Females: Exorcise Your Rite.

Disclaimer: This is an over 18’s only event and card is always subject to change.

“I Do” Match – Winner Gets IT Title Shot, Loser Is Fired From Fierce Females

Sammie Jo vs Emily Hayden

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After Emily Hayden’s successful debut against Sammie Jo in February 2018, she believed that she deserved the opportunities that were being given to Sammie. This led to Hayden attacking Sammie every chance she got. In November, Sammie picked up the win in their rematch.

Emily would soon stoop to new lows when she mocked Sammie’s engagement, in the ring and online. This led to the creation of the first ever “I Do” match. The match is similar to an “I Quit” match, only the loser will say “I Do” to stop the match.

Hayden and Sammie continued to attack each other, so GM Leah Owens decided to up the stakes for the match. The winner will now receive an Internet Championship opportunity, whilst the loser would be fired from Fierce Females.

It was a brilliant twist on a classic stipulation match to end what is a year long rivalry between these two women. Both have a win each heading into it. I don’t want to see either of these women leave FF, so I hope there’s some form of twist to end this story. Don’t miss this one!


What a brilliant twist on a classic stipulation match to end what is a year long rivalry between these two women. Both have a win each heading into it. I don’t want to see either of these women leave FF, so I hope there’s some form of twist to end this story.          

Emily Hayden to win but don’t miss this one!

Lana Austin vs Gisele Shaw

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When you think “Fierce Females”, one name that instantly comes to mind is Lana Austin.

She’s fearless and has been making noise everywhere she goes; from Impact Wrestling to NXT UK. Her time in Fierce Females has been no exception.

Last time we saw Lana at Fierce Females, she won the tournament to become the new number one for the Fierce Females championship.

Unfortunately, due to scheduling issues, Lana is still awaiting her title shot.

Gisele Shaw is making her debut with Fierce Females in this match up.

Having trained under Lance Storm and debuting 4 years ago, she is quickly making waves around America. Since debuting, she’s appeared in various promotions including Impact and WOW (Women of Wrestling).

She’s been receiving rave reviews since arriving in the UK. Knowing that, it’s no surprise that Shaw is making her way to Fierce Females.


I am so excited to see Lana back at Fierce Females. I really have missed seeing her in the ring as well as she’s extremely entertaining.

I’ve only seen a couple of Gisele’s matches online. One match I have seen was against Tessa Blanchard for Impact, and I was extremely impressed!

Her style is described as a techniker combined with a high flying ability. For me, it’s a perfect first ever match up and I see Lana picking up the win in her return.

Kanji vs Angel Hayze

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A first-time ever match up sees two fresh talents in Angel Hayze and Kanji square off.

Former Defiant Wrestling Women’s champion Kanji is making her return to Fierce Females. In her debut at Be Your Own Hero she came up short against the unpredictable Raven Creed.

Kanji was quick to make an impression with the Fierce Females crowd. Her impressive set of skills and move set saw her take Raven to her limit. Having debuted in 2017 and made a lot of noise up and down the country, Kanji is an up and comer that people need to keep an eye on.

Angel Hayze has become a popular name, not only in Scotland, but up and down the UK. The PBW stand out made her debut in 2016 and already built an incredible CV for herself. Her Fierce Females debuted resulted in a win over FF original Isla Dawn.

Sadly she has yet to properly get going in the promotion. However, she has proved that she can hold her own with the best of them when she faced IT champion Debbie Keitel and also her mentor, Sammii Jayne.

Can Hayze make this her opportunity to get back on the horse?


Everybody knows I love a first-time match.

I love seeing something fresh, instead of the same match multiple times.

I was so impressed with Kanji when she made her Fierce Females debut, so I’m excited to see her return and showcase her skills once more.

Plus I adore Angel.

For such a young age, she’s come on leaps and bounds after making so much noise up and down the country. I am super excited to watch this match as this hasn’t happened in Fierce Females yet. I believe Angel Hayze will pick up the win in this match.

Ashley Vega vs Anastasia

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We’re always wanting fresh talent to make some noise and nobody is making noise quite like these two.

This match sees Fierce Females academy students Anastasia and Ashley Vega battle it out.

Anastasia is one of the top up and coming prospects in the British wrestling scene right now. The Beauty of the Borders has quickly made Fierce Females her home after debuting in November last year. In this time, Anastasia has picked up some impressive wins.  

Like Anastasia, Ashley Vega has also been named one of the top new talents in across the UK. Vega has made quite an impression since debuting at Fierce Females. Her diva style of wrestling and natural charisma is always a topic of discussion amongst the crowd.

These two ladies are both still relatively new to the promotion. Like many others, they are looking to stake their claim to the championship titles Fierce Females and Scotland has to offer.


I cannot stress enough how much I love seeing up and coming talent make such a splash.

Both women are incredibly talented and I see nothing other than a bright future for them.  

It’s really hard to predict how this match could go but I have a feeling that Ashley Vega may just sneak a win from this one. I have only seen these ladies battle it out in tag matches, so a one on one is something different to see.

Amy Allonsy vs Seleziya Sparx

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The returning Amy Allonsy takes on the debuting Seleziya Sparx in another first time ever match-up.

Allonsy has been incredibly impressive since making her way to Fierce Females. Her unicorn loving character has seen her win over the Glasgow crowd. It’s hard not to love Amy with her smiling, positive attitude.

Sadly though, she is yet to pick up a win since joining FF. Despite this, Allonsy has held her own against Katey Harvey, Anastasia and Emily Hayden.

Amy has said that she has a lot to prove after this series of losses. The question is, does the fun loving unicorn believe she has what it takes to end her losing streak?

As previously mentioned, her opponent Seleziya Sparx will be making her Fierce Females debut. Sparx made her wrestling debut in 2010 and boasts an impressive CV to date. She’s been featured alongside the now ROH World Champion Matt Taven.

Seleziya has been making waves since arriving in the UK with the likes of Tidal Wrestling and Dragon Pro. It’s no surprise Scotland’s only all female wrestling promotion would be one of her stops.


I am all for this match.

I’ve never seen Seleziya wrestle, and I wasn’t able to find a great deal of footage online, but that’s the beauty of this match.

Even though I’ve never seen these two ladies in the ring together, it doesn’t make me any less excited. I really hope Amy can get break her losing streak, and I believe she can with this match.

Sammii Jayne vs Roxy

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Two ladies make their return to Fierce Females, as Sammii Jayne takes on Roxxy.

Sammii has sadly been out of action for a number of months. As a result, she was unable to challenge Jayla Dark for the Fierce Females championship.

The head-trainer of the Fierce Female academy announced via Twitter recently that she is back and ready to get back into the swing of things.

Every time Roxxy ventures north of the border, you know you’re in for a treat. She returns to Fierce Females for the second time, after falling short to Ivy at Goddesses of War.

Her up-coming match with Sammii will be the perfect chance to stake her claim to Jayla Dark‘s Fierce Females championship.

One question is how will Sammii fair getting back in the ring for the first time since her most recent injury? Can Roxxy get her first win at Fierce Females?


I am a big fan of these two ladies.

They both bring a different style to this match. I see nothing but entertainment when I look ahead to this match.

Sammii is looking to get back into the swing of things, and Roxxy is looking to get the ball rolling so it’s a difficult one to call.

I do see myself enjoying this match regardless of the outcome, but I believe Sammii Jayne will pick up the win here.


Hardcore No Disqualification Match – Fierce Females Internet Championship

Debbie Keitel (c) vs “The Mad Doll” Jokey

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Debbie Keitel’s antagonising ways finally pushed Jokey over the limit. Clearly very angry, she demanded GM Leah Owens grant her an IT title match, and while she was at it, to make it a hardcore match.

This isn’t the first-time these two women have come face to face in the ring. Keitel faced Jokey in her Fierce Females debut, and again recently in the first ever“Only Bins Allowed” match. For those who are keeping score, the ladies hold one win each, so this match is winner takes all.

For the first time in a while, the champ doesn’t have Raven Creed in her corner, socan she go it alone? What tricks has she got planned after admitting “The Mad Doll” always seems to be one step ahead?

Jokey has fire in her eyes and is willing to go as far as she can to finally put Debbie in her place. Will that be enough to take her down once and for all?


What a match! These women have been building this up for close to a year, and with a win each, it’s a difficult one to call. One thing is a guarantee.

They’re both ready for a fight, and after their previous bins match, this isn’t one to be missed!

I don’t want to pick though!

Event Details

You can catch Exorcise Your Rite at The Shed, Glasgow

June 23rd

Doors: 7pm

Tickets are £10 and can be purchased here:

Facebook: @FFGlasgow

Twitter: @FFemalesGlasgow

IG: @fiercefemaleswrestling

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