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Emily Hayden Interview

We spoke to ”The Best, The Beautiful, The Only” Emily Hayden talking about training with PBW, her run with Fierce Females and the antics of the Sensational Scenebirds!

Premier British Wrestling graduate Emily Hayden speaks to Suplex Retweet.

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She is The Best, The Beautiful, The Only. She solemnly swears that she is up to no good and wants that Kwaku on a Pole match!

The Premier British Wrestling Academy has been producing talent for years, with this woman being no exception.

Emily Hayden sat down with Sarah Grieve and talked about how she got into wrestling after a friend from college showed her a Facebook page.

Even though she was slightly intimidated by a male-dominated industry, she has come on leaps and bounds. Recent years have seen her make debuts in places like Scotland’s only all women’s wrestling promotion, Fierce Females, where she has had issues with Leah Owens and Sammie Jo.

Hayden also talks about joining up with Christopher Saynt to become the Sensational Scenebirds, and all of their antics, including their youtube channel, the Caithness and Lochwinnoch incident, and a possible Christmas album.

Other main talking points are her goal to make as many debuts as she possibly can, how she definitely claims to know where Caithness is, how the Kwaku on a Pole idea came to fruition, and her journey to become a champion. #EmilyOneBelt

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