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Elimination Chamber History

We look back over some of our favourite and not so favourite Elimination Chamber matches discussing the concept, legacy and what we’d like to see in the future.

We look back at some of our favourite and least favourite Elimination Chamber moments

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16 ft high, 36 ft in diameter, 10 short tons in weights and 6 short tons of chain.

The Elimination Chamber was originally designed to inflict pain and punishment.

Created in 2002, the match was envisioned as a cross between Survivor Series, The Royal Rumble and WarGames.

Two wrestlers start the contest whilst the others are enclosed in pods round the structure.

Every five minutes, one of the four participants within an inner chamber is released into the ongoing match.

This continues until all four have been released and so an Elimination Chamber match typically lasts over twenty or more minutes. The objective of the match is to eliminate each opponent from the match by scoring a pinfall or a submission.

To-date, 24 Chamber matches are taken place. Over that time, some of WWE’s most notable moments in recent times have revolved around them.

Comeback stories, first-time champions and post-match cash-ins just to name but a few.

WWE has tried over recent years to keep the contest fresh. From altering the look of it to having matches involving teams and female competitiors.

To some, it is a match that will never be topped from what was first seen at Survivor Series 2002. For others, it remains the perfect final step towards a place on the WrestleMania card.

On this latest podcast, Steven and his panel look back at the inception of The Elimination Chamber. They also discuss their match MVPs, favourite and least favourite matches and what they future may hold for the Chamber.

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