nikki bella was seen by many as the face of the divas era of wrestling

Divas Era of Wrestling

To some of the current fandom, women’s wrestling pre 2014 isn’t looked upon with a very favourable light. On this show, we look at the positives of women’s wrestling from 1995 to when NXT’s four horsewomen broke through, an era more commonly known as the Divas Era of Wrestling.

We look back at the 15 odd years that followed 1995 for women’s wrestling, known to many as the Divas Era of Wrestling.

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Many see it as the worst portion in the history of women’s wrestling, but it is still an significant era nonetheless.

Following the departure of Alundra Blaze to WCW in the mid 90s and the now infamous ‘dumping the title in the trash’ incident, the then WWF put women’s wrestling on the back burner.

The women’s title was declared defunct, having been literally binned.

When the Attitude Era came into fully effect, the female of the company would be judged less and less on their ability.

Bikini contests and bra and panties matches became more frequent as their looks that were being taken more into account over their ability.

It was also around this time that the word ‘Diva’ came into circulation, a term which would create negative effects over the proceeding years.As the company began to transition into a more family friendly product once more, many would assume that the division would begin to be taken seriously once again.

Instead, the stigmatism that had followed women’s wrestling in the late 90s continued to rear his ugly head. Although the days of these posing in little clothes had passed, their matches were taken with little levels of seriousness. Bouts would only get a small number of minutes for matches and were often referred to as ‘bathroom break matches.’

To some, the nail coffin would follow soon when the women’s title was renamed The Divas Title

But despite these negative aspects, there is many areas of the Divas Era of Wrestling that should be looked back on fondly.

On this show, we look at the positives of women’s wrestling from 1995 to when NXT’s four horsewomen broke through.

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