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Debbie Keitel Interview

We spoke to Debbie Keitel who’s making making waves around the world in such a short time. She talks about Training with Fight Factory in Dublin and Emi Sakura in Japan, wrestling in the UK for Fierce Females, EVE Pro Wrestling and the Disco Derby.

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She’s been cooking up a storm lately over in her native Ireland with Over The Top Wrestling, but it’s not just there that Debbie Keitel is making an impact.

Debbie is the latest in a long line of growing talent coming out of Ireland. The first man star to come from those shores was Finn Balor, who hit in big first in Japan and now in WWE.

He was followed in recent times by Jordan Devlin, who is firmly cemented as a mainstay of NXT UK. Alexander Dean, More Than Hype and Scotty Davis are just some of the other names making their mark in the UK.

But its not just the men making their mark. Ireland has a thriving female wrestling scene – and alongside names like Session Moth Martina and Valkyrie, you’ll find Keitel.

Keitel has firmly started to establish herself in Scotland, recently debuting at Discovery Wrestling and has become one of the big names at Fierce Females, where she holds the Internet Championship

Sarah Grieve spoke to Debbie about training with Fight Factory in Dublin and Emi Sakura in Japan, wrestling in the UK, EVE Pro Wrestling and how she thought she’d fare in the Disco Derby. 

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