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Daniel Bryan’s WWE contract expires following SmackDown

It was originally thought that Daniel Bryan could leave WWE over the next few months, but it may actually be sooner than that.

After failing to defeat Roman Reigns on the recent edition of SmackDown, Daniel Bryan was banished from the brand.

By common WWE logic, we would have assumed that the leader of the Yes Movement was bound for RAW, or even NXT.

However, recent reports may indicate this is far from the truth!

According to a report from Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp, Bryan’s WWE contract had actually expired, either just before or not long after his title loss to Reigns.

The report also says that several “high level sources” are saying that they had heard about the contract expiring but Bryan wasn’t openly talking about his status to those backstage. There also weren’t a lot of farewells that were out in the open at the TV tapings.

Speculation over Daniel Bryan’s long-term future had been mounted for some time, with his contract originally thought to have expired in September. He recently stated that his time as an active wrestler was coming to an end.

In another move that has excited many fans, Bryan also told Barstool Sports that he’d made headway with the higher-ups in WWE about stars working with other companies such as New Japan Pro Wrestling.

Perhaps these talks were unsuccessful, and Bryan has decided to go test himself against new talent before his career draws to a close?

Either way, a lot remains up in the air about his future. There is every chance he agrees to extend his decade-long tenure with the company, and maybe gets to put on exciting matches with stars he’s never faced before.

There definitely remains more questions than answers though. Especially for our own Gary Kernahan and the members of our Listener League who picked Daniel Bryan in this latest season of the ESSR Draft.

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