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Crown Jewel Preview

The panel look ahead at the upcoming Crown Jewel PPV discussing the concept and match card!

We look ahead to WWE’s latest trip to Saudi Arabia in our Crown Jewel preview.

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Just when we thought WWE’s deal with Saudi Arabia couldn’t get more controversial. WWE going ahead with the second show of their 10-year deal Crown Jewel despite events involving the death of a journalist has caused a lot of Backlash.

Media outlets and fans a like have called for the show to be cancelled and even having roster members in the company are refusing to take part. Most surprisingly Daniel Bryan who had to be replaced in the WWE championship match against AJ Styles with Samoa Joe.

Just when things couldn’t get darker Roman Reigns was forced to give up the Universal Championship due to health issues.

But we here at Suplex Retweet try our best to find a bright spot in all the darkness. Whether that’s making jokes about the all part timers’ main event of DX vs Brothers of Destruction or making random references to Viscera.

Join host Ross McLeod & his panel as they talk about the idea of people not taking part, if there will be any consequences & WWE’s ill thought out World Cup which is made up of only Americans.

They even take 10 minutes at the end to talk about the first few episodes of NXT UK just to end on a happy note.

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