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Could Johnny Gargano be the latest star to leave WWE?

Reports from Fightful indicate the former NXT Champion Johnny Gargano has only a few months left on his WWE deal

Johnny Gargano could be set to leave WWE as his contract with the company is due to expire before the end of 2021, according to new reports.

Fightful have reported that the former NXT Triple Crown Champion deal with WWE is up on the 3rd of December this year.

Sources close to Fightful have also confirmed that negotiations between Gargano and WWE have yet to begin, although the latter have stated their intention to begin talks in the fall.

It is the latest in a string of recent contract expirations we have seen over the past number of weeks and months. Adam Cole’s deal expired just after Summerslam despite many believing he had a number of months left on his contract. He has since left the promotion to join AEW.

Pete Dunne’s contract is also reported to be up any time now, although he has apparently been offered a new deal and his booking on NXT right now would indicate that he has agreed an extension, whilst Kevin Owens could join Cole in leaving WWE with a pre-pandemic restructuring seeing his deal-end date brought forward to January 2022.

Unlike the situation with Cole, officials in WWE were aware before hand of Gargano’s deal ending this year, having been caught by surprise in terms of the situation that happened with Cole.

Losing Johnny Gargano would be a big blow to WWE, and in particular NXT, where Johnny has been a mainstay since signing in 2016.

He is currently involved in one of the brand’s most prominent angles in the wedding between Dexter Lumis and Indi Hartwell. He’s also due to become a father for the first time early next year, with his wife and fellow wrestler Candice LeRae.

Whilst it’s hard to imagine NXT without him, you would question how he would fit in on RAW and SmackDown, which may play a big part in his future thinking.

There is no doubt he’d be welcomed with open arms in any other wrestling promotion, so he’d have no issue finding work. At the same time though, with a child on the eye, may he prefer the stability of not trying to find work elsewhere, especially if there is a no compete clause involved.

Either way, it’s feeling like a wrestling transfer window is going on right now, and it will sure make the next few months very interesting all round.

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