Brian Pillman with a gun is one of the most controversial wrestling angles of all time

Controversial wrestling storylines

Wrestling can be like a soap opera at times with some of the angles it produced. Sometimes, we still absolute gold in terms of storylines, whilst other times we get stories that push one too many boundaries. In this latest podcast, our panel take a in-depth look at controversial storylines in wrestling.

Sometimes wrestling just goes too far as we find out when we look back at controversial wrestling moments in history

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WWE and wrestling in general has never been afraid to try and push the envelope when it comes to storytelling. There is a history of storylines that incorporate important real life and social issues with varying degrees of success.

A little bit of controversy can get people talking and gets more eyes on your product. At a certain point trying to be controversial hurts your brand.

There is a fine line that needs to be walked when telling a story that is often crossed. Sometimes they go just over the line and other times they go so far past the line that the line becomes a dot.

There have been a number of failed attempts to capitalise on real life tensions for the sake of a storyline whether it be something like race or religion.

From having characters who portray cultural stereotypes to questionable impersonations to home invasions and even fighting for the custody of a child.

All of these and more controversial wrestling angles are covered in this episode. Join host David H and the panel as they all have examples of storylines that went too far and discuss the reasons why they feel it did

We look to answer the question does controversy really create cash? 

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