character revitalisations

Character Revitalisations

We look at some of our favourite and not so favourite gimmick changes and how it propelled or floundered their wrestling career post change

We look at the times where wrestlers would alter their character or gimmick – both for the better or the worst

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You can lose count of the number of talented wrestlers who just haven’t cut the mustard.

This isn’t normally down to their talent in the ring. It is often as a result of the character and gimmick they have been given just not connecting.

To some, a bad gimmick could begin the downward spiral of their careers. To others though, they are given the chance to introduce a new character that could make or break their upward trajectory.

Throughout the course of wrestling, such gimmick revitalisations have seen varying levels of success.

We look back all the way back to 1996, where the immortal good guy Hulk Hogan completely shifted his gimmick to the nWo leader that would rocket WCW in the Monday Night Wars.

On the other side of the war, we have the transition of Stone Cold Steve Austin to the anti-authority bad ass. The man beating on his boss character resonated with fans and shifted the WWE/WCW battle in RAW’s favour.

As good as these changes were, equally there have been some horrible character shifts that took wrestlers years to recover from. Heck, some had no way back from them they were so bad. Take The Shockmaster for example.

Here, Chris Murray – making his main show hosting debut – leads the discussion on the most iconic character revitalisations. The panel discuss their favourites, as well as their most memorable clangers.

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