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Big Show

WELL it’s The Big Show, Show as we talk about the 20 year career of The Big Show from WCW, being Captain Insano on The Waterboy, his run on WWE and his heel/face turns.

We profile arguably one of the most loyal wrestlers in WWE history, The Big Show.

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On the 20th anniversary of his WWE debut, we look at the career of Paul Wight AKA The Big Show.

A man, quite literally, larger than life, Big Show has had a tremendous impact on wrestling fans all around the world. From his early days as ‘The Giant’ in WCW to becoming one of the most decorated veterans on the WWE roster, he always had a commanding presence throughout the wrestling industry.

It’s easy to joke about the number of face and heel turns he’s gone through during his career, but it’s a testament to how Big Show could adapt to any role he was given. Whether it be a dominating monster heel or a loveable giant you’d always want to have in your corner.

Andy makes his hosting debut as the team discuss his career, his various movie roles outside the ring and of course his many heel turns!

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