becky lynch leading the SD invasion of RAW was one of 2018's best moments

Best Moments and Matches of 2018

We discuss some of our favourite matches and moments of 2018 in Scottish Wrestling and WWE

We look back at our best moments and matches at the last year that really made us enjoy the sport this past year.

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Great wrestling involves creating great moments.

As fans, we always look back at memorable points in the wrestling timeline when we assess why we love the sport.

Who can forget that moment in 1999 when Mick Foley won the WWF Title and Stone Cold got the pop of all pops?

The current landscape of wrestling has changed substantially since it’s peak in the late 90s. Even so, we still have plenty of great moments to enjoy.

In fact, many would argue that the quality of wrestling matches now is significantly greater now than it was 20 years.

What WWE may lack now in larger than life characters, they sure make up for in elite level in-ring performers.

Across the full sport in 2018, there was a lot that made us stand up and be proud to say we are a wrestling fan. Moments and matches that got you excited about what was coming next. Or even contests that brought back a level of nostalgia and threw back to something great from past years – ICW Good Housekeeping 2 for example.

In the second of our series of look backs on the past year, Steven and his panel discuss some of the best moments and matches they loved over the last 12 months. In particular, they mainly look at what went down in the world of WWE and the Scottish scene. They also delve into the five star world that was New Japan Pro Wrestling and the US indies.

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