WrestleMania 9 - Best and Worst Wrestlemanias

Best and Worst Wrestlemanias

In this episode, the panel discuss their favourite and not so favourite Wrestlemania’s through the years and what factors make a great Mania!

The biggest show of the year doesn’t always live up to expectations as our team discovered looking back at the best and worst of the bunch.

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If you’re a wrestling fan, there’s nothing like WrestleMania. It’s basically the wrestling equivalent of Christmas. A show that caps off the major storylines before starting new ones that will lead to next year.

A show that features some of WWE’s most iconic moments with everyone trying to have their WrestleMania moment. However, in the 30-year history of the event WWE sometimes doesn’t get it right.

What is it that truly makes a WrestleMania a great one? Is it the look of the venue? The card? Or is it the shows ability to create moments that will be talked about for years to come?

On the other hand, what is it that makes a bad WrestleMania? Is it simply a case of not living up to the hype? The sheer lack of memorable moments? Or is it having the wrong person win a particular match or having the wrong people in the Main event?

Join host David H and the panel as they discuss all these factors and others that they believe make a good or a bad WrestleMania before talking about what they thought were the best and the worst WrestleMania’s.

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