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Best and Worst Championship Belts

The panel wear their art critique hats discussing the best looking Championship Title Belts, to the ones that are just straight up honking. Hear us go down memory lane discussing belts of the past and the memories from them.

The team give their opinion on some of the most well-known championship designs.

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Championships are the corner stone of any great sport.

It is the sign that you have made it to the top of your respective game.

Whilst in wrestling, it’s far to say some titles mean more than others, winning a title belt is still a pretty big deal.

However, sometimes, it may feel more or less so depending on which title you are holding. You may have a magnificent piece of gold around your waist.

On the other hand though, you may be lamped with holding something that looks toy-like, or as our panel describe it, honking.

We take a look into one of the most debated topics in wrestling, discussing our favourite and least favourite looking Championships.

We look into the aesthetics, discussing the pros and cons and discuss what each title reminds us of.

The team begin by analysing the Championships that we dislike first, which may contain some controversial choices for some.

These vary from the Divas Championship to John Cena’s binged spinner WWE Championship.

We then delve into our favourite Championships, each putting our own case forward as to why it should be regarded as the favourite.

These Championships include the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship to the WWE Undisputed World Heavyweight Championship. There may also be a few surprises included in this section as well.

Allan and the team go through them all on this latest podcast.

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