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Controversial wrestling storylines

Wrestling can be like a soap opera at times with some of the angles it produced. Sometimes, we still absolute gold in terms of storylines, whilst other times we get stories that push one too many boundaries. In this latest podcast, our panel take a in-depth look at controversial storylines in wrestling.

King of the Ring 99 Rebook

Hindsight is an amazing thing. Many wrestling fans will looks back on the events of the past and think, they should have done that differently? For the first time, our panel take an in-depth look at a past event and look at how they’d have booked it back at the time. In this first edition, we look at the 1999 King of the Ring, a show which featured Billy Gunn becoming king and a briefcase that wouldn’t stay still.

Greatest Royal Rumble Preview

We brought together the best panel to discuss those times that you see a wrestler, WWE and beyond appear in a film or a TV show, how it may have affected their career in a positive or a negative way and also fantasy cast some of our favourite films.