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Attitude Era Quiz

4 rounds, 4 stooges and lots of fun. Pens and paper at the ready as us here at Eat Sleep Suplex Retweet do an Attitude Era Quiz.

It’s time for our time to layeth the Smackdown on each other in our Attitude Era Quiz

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The Attitude Era is hailed by many wrestling fans as the pinnacle era of the sport.

At a time when both WCW and WWF were battling for supremacy, Vince McMahon’s company needed to up their game.

To do, a edgy product was created to appease what the viewers were looking away. The days of outlandish cartoon-like characters were of the past as the company pushed the boundary with what they produced.

Between 1998 and early 2001, the Attitude Era helped define the sports entertainment landscape. It helped catapult the WWF to the peak of mainstream media and set the path for the promotion to become the billion dollar company it is today.

Moments and matches from that time are still highly regard even to this day. It’s hard to forget that night where Mick Foley ‘put butts on seats‘ by winning the WWF title.

Or when Stone Cold brought a beer truck to the ring. And let’s not forget when Vince McMahon revealed it was him all along Austin. It was a period that arguably saved the WWF from going out of business.

To celebrate this glorious era of wrestling, us at Suplex Retweet have a dedicated one of our dedicated quizzes entirely to it.

Steven Wilson serves as quizmaster as his band of stooges test their knowledge to the fullest.

Pens and paper at the ready as we attempt to crown the Best of the Super Jobbers in our Attitude Era Quiz.

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