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All Women’s Show

In this episode, an all women panel discuss the Women’s Revolution and Evolution, the future and a wrestling quiz. Full of chat, debate and laughs!

In first for wrestling podcasts, we present a female only panel in our first all women’s show

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It’s the first time ever… it’s… HISTORIC!

Women’s wrestling was the biggest it ever had been. First time ever and historic events were taking place in the Women’s Evolution.

We at ESSR are proud to have such knowledgeable women as part of our team, so we decided to do what no wrestling podcast had done before.

Join host Sarah and her all female panel for the first installment of our HISTORIC! All Women’s show as they celebrate how far women’s wrestling both in WWE and in Scotland.

Women’s wrestling especially in WWE is in the middle of resurgence. The company is was creating “first time ever”, and “historic” events for the women.

The panel questioned if there was too many happening all at once and thought ahead to what is still left for the women.

It wasn’t all discussion with the panel. We held a quiz to crown a new Eat Sleep Suplex Retweet champion, which brought the infamous “wine lover” wrestling finisher

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