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All Women’s Show 3

We assembled another all women panel to discuss all the goings on in wrestling. Everything from the term ”Women’s Wrestling”, the revolution, Disco Derby, Fierce Females, ICW, WWE Womens’ Tag Titles, WrestleMania 35 Main Event, and preview of upcoming matches.

It’s the HISTORIC first time since the first time since the first time ever as we present our All Women’s Show 3.

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2018 was clearly a big year for the evolution of women’s wrestling.

In another to celebrate the journey the division had taken, last year also saw us at Eat Sleep Suplex Retweet give it appropriate focus.

We’ve made it a key focus on most of our shows since we launched. And last year, we took the bold step in May to run a first for wrestling podcasts.

That month saw ESSR record their first All Women’s Show, a show devised and produced by a panel containing only female partcipants.

The show was greatly received which quickly led to a sequel episode – All Women’s Show 2 – a few months on from the original release.

And with women’s wrestling just achieving the grand old feat of headlining the show of shows, Wrestlemania 35, there wasn’t a better time to complete the trilogy.

Nearly a year on from the first, we present our All Women’s Show 3.

In this show, Sarah Grieve returns to hosting duties and is amply accompanied by fellow ESSR regular Stacey. They are joined for this edition by guest panelists Courtney and Laura.

The team analyse if the term ‘Women’s Wrestling’ is still good or bad and the impact of females main-eventing Mania. They also look at the other big women’s wrestling events – including the Disco Derby – and what the months ahead hold.

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