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All Women’s Show 2

For the first time ever. since the first time ever, we have our HISTORIC all women’s panel show discussing Women’s wrestling in Scotland and around the world

It’s time for part 2 with Suplex Retweet’s 2nd female only panel show, All Women’s Show 2.

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It’s the first ever… Since the first ever. We had such fun with the first ever HISTORIC all women’s show we decided to do it again. With WWE’s first ever all women’s PPV Evolution on the horizon it seems like as good a time as any to showcase the women of Suplex Retweet.

Women’s wrestling especially in WWE is in the middle of resurgence as the company is showing that women can put just as good sometimes better matches than their male counterparts. Is it a statement to how women are treated compared to back in the day that Evolution is even happening?

Join host Sarah Grave and her all female panel as they celebrate how far women’s wrestling both in WWE and in Scotland. They discuss the second Mae Young Classic including who they were excited to see, their favourite matches so far and who could potentially win the whole thing.

Of course, they couldn’t not touch on the announcement of Evolution. They talk about what this announcement means for the women of WWE as well as some potential dream matches, they’d like to see on the card.

Get ready for the All Women’s Show 2: Electric Boogaloo. 

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