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Adam Maxted Interview

We spoke to WOS Wrestling Star Adam Maxted about his career and goals, his appearance on reality TV Show ”Love Island” ICW and more.

Independent wrestler and reality TV star Adam Maxted speaks to Suplex Retweet.

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Professional wrestling and reality television have became more intertwined in recent years.

In the states, the success of Total Divas has led to an investment of the TV station E! into similar shows around the real lives of wrestlers.

Already we have seen the show Total Bellas spin off from it, along with Miz and Mrs.

Scotland and the UK scene have also delved into the reality TV market, although less in the Kardashian style format. ICW have worked closely with the BBC over the last five or so years.

Through this working relationship, they have produced the Insane Fight Club documentaries along with the recent Rogue To Wrestler series.

Whilst both these have achieved a good level of success in terms of their target market, neither comes close to the popularity of the genres creme de la creme.

Love Island Wrestler

ITV’s Love Island series has became a revelation since its relaunch in 2015. Season 4 of the show recently averaged nearly 4 million viewers, a record for ITV2. Two years prior to this, one of the show’s contestants was one Adam Maxted.

Finishing fourth on the show, the then 24 year old from Belfast caught the eye with his good looks and eye-catching tattoos. However, it was during this season that it was also learned that Maxted was a trained professional wrestler.

‘Flex’ wanted to use his appearance to help get eyes onto the sport, and he has certainly done that. In the years since, he has competed all over the UK, including with the relaunched WOS Wrestling brand, ICW and most recently in Airdrie at Premier British Wrestling.

It was there that our own Ross Mcleod spoke to Adam about his career and goals, his appearance on Love Island, ICW and much more. 

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