Welcome to the home of Eat Suplex Sleep Retweet, Scotland’s premier wrestling podcast that focuses on all areas of the sport.

Founded in 2017, we’ve established ourselves as one of the most respected and authoratative voices within wrestling media across the UK.

With up to four shows a week on our platforms, we have a diverse range of content to appease all different tastes of wrestling fans across the world.

Latest Shows

Here at Suplex Retweet, we have five main flagship staples of content.

ESSR Central

Our round-up of all the latest wrestling news and results, hosted by Ross McLeod with rotating guests David Haughney, Scott McLeod, John Isherwood and Chris Anthony Lopez.

ESSR Feature

Our weekly roundtable discussions – a staple of the podcast since Day 1 – on a wide variety of topics from wrestling’s past, present and future.

In recent times, some of the Feature shows we publish on a regular basis include;

  • PPV Lookbacks – a review of a past big show from WWE, WCW, AEW etc.
  • Wrestler Profile – a detailed analysis of a past or present wrestler.
  • What Ifs – panelists bring forward their suggestions on how they’d change something of wrestling’s past.
  • Mount Rushmores – will structure various different ‘Greatest ever’ fours from different elements of wrestling.
  • Debating Chamber – our take on a wrestling inspired debate…with a twist.
  • It’s Still Real To Me – we give our opinion on an episode/series of a wrestling documentary, or a book/autobiography.
  • Book It – given a set criteria, our team pull together to build a dream card.
  • Quiz Showdown – an audio version of the monthly quizzes we put together during the COVID lockdown period.
  • Wrestling Mix Tape – panelists all pick a match to get the others to watch and then analyse.

Saturday Draft Live

One of the most unique concepts Suplex Retweet is our fantasy wrestling league, which takes on the fundamentals implored with Fantasy Football and makes use of them with pro wrestling.

Now running for over 15 seasons within the pod and now successfully managing a 30 plus member Listeners League, our Saturday Draft Live podcast breaks now weekly points for each season.

Hosted by Jack Graham, Ryan Dalgleish, Scott McLeod and David Haughney, SDL brings you all the breakdown of the stats, top scorers and season-on-season comparisons every Saturday afternoon.

East Meets West

There is more to wrestling than just WWE and AEW, and the sport continues to go from strength-to-strength in the Land of the Rising Sun.

As New Japan Pro Wrestling get back to levels in-ring seen pre-COVID, Grant McRobbie and Scott McLeod are on hand with regular updates from all the big shows and tournaments across the year.


Since early 2018, we have began adding interviews to our portfolio.

Be it with WWE stars, Scottish talent or anyone else involved in the sport, we look to give our listeners a look into the careers – however long they are – of people in and around the scene globally.

The pandemic has, like with most of the world, slowed this part of our product down in recent time, thus why we’ve published very few new interviews in the time since then.