Welcome to the home of Eat Suplex Sleep Retweet, Scotland’s premier wrestling podcast that focuses on all areas of the sport.

Founded in 2017, we wanted to put a different spin on how wrestling is analysed. You find a lot of podcasts focus a lot on previewing and reviewing shows and PPV’s. Whilst these are important for big events, our goal was to think outside the box with our content.

From topical shows about wrestling’s past, present and future to interviews with top talent. If you can think of anything wrestling, then we have you covered here.

You can check out some of our most recent shows and interviews below.

Latest Shows

Here at ESSR, we have five main flagship staples of content.



Release Day

ESSR Central

Our weekly round-up of wrestling news and results

Every Thursday

ESSR Feature

Roundtable discussions on topics around wrestling’s past, present and future

Every Tuesday

Saturday Draft Live

Our analysis of our own wrestling fantasy league

Every Saturday

East Meets West

Our review of all the goings on at New Japan Pro Wrestling

One Sunday a month

Scottish Wrestling Network

The newest member of the ESSR family, Billy brings his established analysis of the Scottish scene to the Suplex Retweet network

Regular releases on Mondays and Fridays


Video Content

During lockdown, we expanded significantly on our YouTube channel to reflect the changing times we were living in over that time.

Having had very little staples on YouTube going into 2020, we now have four main pillars of our video content.




Quiz Showdown

Our monthly spin on quizzes that took off massively during the COVID-19 lockdown


Book It

Two members of our team go to war in their attempt to book a fantasy card based on a theme chosen by the host

Season 1:https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQ0b5Gcw4hyDZnzqaFI_IcYJW6_5DlgJk

Season 2:https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQ0b5Gcw4hyD9gway1Y9RvGLASj8uiQmE

Conspiracy Theory

Once a month, we delve into a controversial current event topic in wrestling and what it means for the industry


Ross' Retro Reviews

Monthly review of every WWE PPV of the 2000s



Since early 2018, we have began adding interviews to our portfolio.

Be it with WWE stars, Scottish talent or anyone else involved in the sport, we look to give our listeners a look into the careers – however long they are – of people in and around the scene globally.

The pandemic has, like with most of the world, slowed this part of our product down in recent time, thus why we’ve published very few new interviews in the last 18 months.


Written Content

Our team don’t just like to talk about wrestling. They also occasionally dabble in the odd written piece or two.

Be it a preview piece for an upcoming PPV, a bit of fantasy booking, or jumping in a more ad-hoc topic, we regularly release engaging articles on a number of different areas for you to get stuck into at night or on your lunch break.


The Suplex Retweet Championship

As a team, we regular compete against each other. Be it in show quizzes and PPV predictions, it adds to the fun of being in a podcast.

To add a bit of extra spice to affairs, the winner of each of the above wins the Suplex Retweet Championship.

Every since the lockdown hit the world in 2020, we’ve moved the quizzes away from the Suplex Retweet Title, and given it its own standalone spot with Quiz Showdown.

Current Champion Allan McLucas/David Campbell/Sarah Grieve

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